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Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Affiliate News Archives April 2006

May 1st, 2006: Burn The Fat.com Joins I-COP - Association For
Ethical Online Professionals With Integrity

Burn The Fat.Com and Fitness Renaissance, LLC (Burn The Fat.Com's Parent Company) has Just Joined I-COP - The International Council of Online Professionals, an organization which sets the standard for business ethics in Internet Marketing.

This is in addition to our membership to The New Jersey Better Business Bureau (BBB) and the Better Business Bureau Online. You can now see both logos at the bottom of the Burn The Fat home page.

In today's Internet marketplace, consumers are distrustful, as they well should be, especially in the weight loss sector. At Burn The Fat.Com we are doing everything in our power to help establish and raise our level of credibility and increase the level of trust in the eyes of our website visitors.

In compliance with I-COP policies, our postal mailing address in New Jersey as well as our office phone number also appear on the home page along with standard privacy policies, terms of use and disclaimers.

One thing I'd like to point out is that the ICOP member pledge to online integrity says that advertising must fall within the parameters of Federal Trade Commission (FTC) regulations. The FTC keeps a close eye on the claims being made in the weight loss industry and has strict regulations about what claims can be made.

The FTC's "Red Flag" brochure for the weight loss industry lists 7 claims which they consider deceptive advertising:

1. Causes weight loss of two pounds or more per week for a month or more without dieting or exercise

2. Causes substantial weight loss no matter what or how much you eat

3. Causes permanent weight loss even when you stop using the product

4. Blocks the absorption of fat or calories to enable you to lose substantial weight

5. Safely enables you to lose more than three pounds per week for more than four weeks

6. Causes substantial weight loss for all users

7. Causes substantial weight loss by wearing it on your body or rubbing it onto your skin

The Burn The Fat program meets all of the FTC's requirements and does not make false claims or inflated promises. Burn The Fat is an educational program. We do not sell pills, patches, powders or gimmicks. Burn The Fat is a safe, healthy, and effective program that was created with integrity and is sold with integrity.

Many of our competitors cannot join organizations like I-COP because they are hiding their identities behind a website address and making unhealthy, unsafe and unethical claims of rapid weight loss.

Obviously, there are people in Internet marketing who are out to make a fast buck with no concern for the customer's long term results and well being and no concern for ethics or morality.

When you are deciding what product to promote as an affiliate, I hope you will take these facts into consideration.

Thank you for your support
Tom Venuto, author & affiliate manager,
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
To Contact Me, Click Here

April 28th, 2006: 3-line text ads, suitable for Google Ad Words Added To Affiliate Area

We have just added 3-line text ads in the affiliate area under "Marketing Tools -->> Text Ads." Additional types of text ads of various lengths will be added very soon.

Here is the link: http://www.burnthefat.com/affiliate_area/text_ads.html

April 26th, 2006: Blog Spammer TERMINATED by clickbank - affiliate agreement and anti spam policy updated

The Burn The Fat Affiliate agreement has just been updated, including the anti spam policy. It is URGENT that you read this because if you break our anti spam policy (both clickbank and/or BurnTheFat.com's), clickbank will shut down your affiliate account, which forfeits all your commissions as well (and that defeats the whole purpose doesn't it?)

A new form of spam has just been born. I do not feel honored that it occured through an affiliate promoting Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, however, I am pleased to be one of the first to publicly warn the clickbank community about this unethical and illegal activity.

The head of clickbank security told me that he had heard of blog "comment spam", which any of you who have blogs are no doubt all too familiar with. That is when spammers post their ads in blog comments. However, this was a new species of spam...

A clickbank affiliate went to all the trouble of registering over 30 blogspot domains, each with a weight loss related keyword in the title. In each blog, he or she posted only one or two keyword packed articles, with links back to their name squeeze page. The name squeeze page collected emails and promoted a clickbank product through their hoplink - in this case, my ebook, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

As a result of this, an individiual reported Burn The Fat.com to the Better Business Bureau (BBB) of which I am a member in New Jersey and in their BBB online reliability program. After showing the BBB that I did not own or have anything to do with the dozens of spam websites, the complaint was not even recorded. I am pleased that someone reported this, otherwise I would not have known about it and because having a complaint from a consumer agency was all the evidence we needed to send to clickbank.

Intially, when clickbank received my complaint, the head of the clickbank legal and security department said he had never heard of this type of abuse before and didn't know that there was such a thing as "BLOG SPAM" (referring to multiple blog domains used to "spam" keywords, not blog comment spam which is a well known problem that has been around a long time). However, after seeing the BBB complaint which showed the list of more than 30 blogspot domains used for spamming, they terminated that affiliate's account in a matter of minutes (clickbank's decision, not mine).

Well folks, we now have a new form of spam. But here is the punch line: That affiliate went to all that trouble and did not make a single sale - not one! If he had, he would have foreited his commissions anyway.

Keep in mind, spam is not just email. Spam is ANY type of unwanted and or non-permission-based advertising or communication on the internet. It is also any advertising or promotion against the rules of any online ogranization or website, or advertising that damages the reputation of a product owner or generates complaints. That includes blog comment spam, multiple blog sites that are not used for anything but spamming keywords, as well as email spam and forum spam.

Please be congizant of forum posting rules in particular, because this is the most common form of affiliate abuse and it is often done innocently enough, but it is your responsibility to know the rules. If you post on forums, you need to read the forum's policies about advertising and posting your signature line. Usually you are allowed to include your website address under your name when you post, even if that website is an affiliate website. However, you are almost never allowed to post advertising (including articles that are more promotional than informational) on forums.

It's one thing to contribute to intelligent discussion on forums, and get your signature file posted as a result, but anything else is usually forum spam. If a complaint is sent to us from a forum owner or moderator, it will be forwarded to the clickbank.com legal and abuse department and if clickbank considers this a violation of their spam policy, then your clickbank account may be terminated.

I recently updated our affiliate agreement and anti spam policy. Please read it, because ignorance of the rules does not excuse you from the consequences of breaking them.

Here is the updated afffiliate agreement.


Don't let this discourage you from using blogs as an affiliate marketing strategy!!! Blogging is a GREAT idea and a great part of anyone's marketing plan. But don't go out there and register a zillion free blogspot domains with keyword heavy names, plop one article on there, never touch it again and think you'll make any sales. You won't. Set up a blog for sure! But use it the right way - post briefly and often, put your name and face on it, put some personality into it and..blog the right way!

April 23rd, 2006: Author Photos Added to Affiliate area

Including a photo of the author of the book you are endorsing or promoting can add a personal touch as well as increase credibility. It may also help increase your sales.

You have permission to reprint these photos with any articles or Q & A columns you publish as well as with any text ads or endorsement letters you write on behalf of the Burn The Fat program (any other use by permission only).

You can market, promote and endorse a product like Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle with confidence when you know that the author or creator of the product walks the walk and stays in top shape using his own methods. This sets the example and proves that the program is extremely effective.

Here is the new author photo page:


April 20th, 2006: Burn The Fat.Com Moved To New Dedicated Server

We just purchased our own brand new dedicated server. We have not only moved the Burn The Fat.Com website, but also completely rebuilt it. Like the Six-Million-Dollar Man, we have re-built the site bigger, better, faster, stronger - and higher converting - than ever before.

The new dedicated server was required as traffic had reached an all time high in March of 2006 and web page load times had increased to an unacceptable duration. The site is now lighting fast.

We also had been previously working with a webmaster providing unacceptable response times to correct technical problems. We now have a phenomenal new webmaster and tech support team. With these improvements, you can rest assured, Burn The Fat.Com is operating at peak efficiency and will continue to do so. If you ever notice any problems with the website or on any web pages, even a slightly slow page load time, please do not hesitate to contact us.

For the next few weeks, we will be slowly rebuilding the content and marketing tools in the affiliate area, so we appreciate your patience. You will see new content and tools added quickly.

If you have a website, blog or e-zine and you need health, fitness and weight loss related content, please contact me personally and I can provide you with literally hundreds of reprintable articles and Q & A columns.

Please note: The reprintable articles and columns we provide are premium content. If you are frustrated with the poor quality of content found on most of the article submission sites (I know I am), look no further than the Burn The Fat affilaite area "reprintable content" section for all your health, fitness, weight training and weight loss content needs in the future.

I am also accepting suggestions and requests for articles to write in the future. E-mail me if you have specific needs - for example, if you discovered a great keyword and you need an article and or landing page associated with that keyword.

This news section will be updated often and you will receive special promotion updates by email, provided you have subscribed to the Burn The Fat Affiliate Newsletter (scroll to bottom of the affiliate home page to subscribe to the email newsletter). We have new products and promotions on the existing product (Burn The Fat e-book) coming up within the next two months and trust me - you will not want to miss these (the early birds will get the worm!)

- Tom Venuto

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