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Dear Tom,

After being overweight most of my adult life, I became desperate to lose weight. I ate less than the skinniest of my friends and family and yet, while they packed away burgers, fries, pizza and ice cream, I could eat a carrot and gain 500 pounds.

I purchased your book after trying to research for myself on the internet how I should be eating. All I can say is Thank You for doing all of that research for me. You have answered every one of the questions I have ever had from being insulin resistant (which I am) to being in starvation mode (which a dietician told me I was).

I have written my goals and keep them on 3x5 index cards in my purse along with a picture of myself at 135 pounds taped to the back. I look at them every chance I get, especially before I eat a meal to keep me on track.

So far in just over four weeks time I have dropped 14 pounds. Now I only have ten pounds to lose in order to reach my 90 day goal. I have been doing low impact aerobics and weight training and on days when I am exhausted from work, I do pilates so I am at least doing some kind of work out (and they aren't easy, either).

Tom, thank you from the bottom of my heart. Your book has been a God-send. Please keep up the fantastic work and I'll do the same.

Stephanie Everett
Milton, Pennsylvania


After spending hundreds of dollars on books, magazines powders, pills, protein bars (candy), I too thought that the BFFM was expensive and seem a bit too good to be true, but I bought it anyway. All I can say now is that I have saved ten times more than the E-book cost me just in saving money from not needing to buy all of the crap powders and pills that really did nothing for me.

After buying the book, I went from 23% body fat to 12% body fat within 12 months and now I am about to see my abs for the first time. Seriously, do yourself a favour, buy the book, and thats the LAST book you will ever need to buy on fat loss. All you have to do is what Tom says and I guarantee you it works. And, no Tom doesn't know me or pay me anything for saying this!!!!!!!! There are no easy ways out, do the cardio, feed the muscle, burn the fat - read the book - IT WORKS!!!!

Paul Hunter
Adelaide, South Australia


Hi Tom!

I've purchased quite a bit of equipment over the past year, but Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) has truly been the single most important tool I've ever used to realize my personal fitness goals. It's very much like a friendly (and easy to understand) technical manual for the human body.

It sure is easier to fix what you don't like about your body once you understand how it works. There's a lot about your program that's counter-intuitive (for example, it SEEMS like you should be able to lose fat by skipping meals), so I was thrilled to finally get my hands on the information in your book.

About a year ago I was 235lbs (5'10 and something over 25% body fat with a very formidable spare tire) and finally just decided I had to do something about it to be able to live with myself. I began working out with some of the "as seen on tv" machines and gimmicks.

While I had some VERY limited success, it wasn't until months later that I discovered your book and started getting some real results that I know will last (because I've made this a lifestyle, not a quick fix).

Today I'm 180 (roughly 17% or so body fat) and still dropping fat. (dropping faster than ever now that I'm finally getting around to doing the cardio thing like I should have been doing the whole time)

Anyway, once I'm under double digit body fat, I'll send you the whole story.

Thank you again for BFFM!

Glenn P.


In August of 2005 I was nudging 15 stone (210lbs) and at a height of 5'8" and aged 45 I was the wrong shape. I had trained seriously in the 1980's and even entered a local show placing 5th in a class of 17 beginners. But years of 60 hour weeks working and travelling abroad (as an Automotive deisgn engineer) had taken their toll.

After seeing photo's from a recent holiday which did not fit with the mental picture I still had of myself, I decided to get back to the gym. I am currently working at Bentley Motors, and they have a gym which I began to use at lunchtimes in August of 2005.

At about that time I saw you're website and read your weekly e-mails but didn't purchase BFFM until January 2006. Since then I have used this excellent publication to clean up my diet, (which is now better that when I trained in the 1980's, all tuna, egg whites and water to get ripped) and my physique has literally transformed.

I now weigh 177lbs ( a loss of 33lbs) have 17" arms and wear 32" waist trousers. My bodyfat is less than 15%. My goal is that by August of this year I will have the "Brad Pitt in fight club" abs, as well a single digit body fat %.

I train to suit my work situation in that I work out Monday to Friday lunchtimes on the weights, working one bodypart each day, and then do 3 or 4 sessions on the treadmill on Mon, Wed and Saturday evening.

Thanks for a great book and a genuinely informative website.

All the best,

Karl Worthington
Tamworth, GB



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