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Promote the $4.95 Trial
Offer With Rebills

Promote this special offer to your readers or subscribers and you can earn more commissions with higher conversions than ever*.  Best part: It’s already a tested and proven winner.

Background: After nearly a year of testing as an exit marketing strategy and over a month of testing to our house list as a front-end special offer, we've achieved spectacular results on our $4.95 trial promotion. This promotion has now been released to affiliates for the first time as a front-end promotion.

For almost the last year, the $4.95 trial offer has been used to "save sales" as one of our two exit pop-up strategies. But when we tested this as a front-end offer to our house lists, we saw conversion rates as high as 1.81% (which is very high converting for an offer that does not have scarcity or deadline urgency). For list owners with good relationships with their readers, we anticipate that conversions could be even higher*.

Offer Summary: Customers are offered the opportunity to "test drive" the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program on a 21-day trial basis with an initial payment of only $4.95. This overcomes the initial price objection. The customer can read, review and try the program for up to 21 days. If they choose to keep the program, they will be automatically billed the balance of $35 after that 21-day trial period.

Affiliates will see the initial sale come in as a "Sale-RB" initial payment with a commission of just under three dollars.

rebill initial

The balance of the commission will be paid out when the customer is billed the remaining $35.00 after the 21-day trial period is over. This will show up as a "Rebill" final payment in your Clickbank account. Altogether, the total commission paid will be the same as if the customer had paid in full.

rebill balance

Why You Should Act Quickly: Although we don’t have a deadline on this offer and conversions are still high, we're not sure how long this offer will keep working as well as it has. Whether this remains a limited time offer or whether we roll this out even bigger and whether the high conversions last a few months or a few weeks, we don't know.

What we do know is that this offer is kickin' it right now and the fast movers are the ones who will be raking it in this month. He who procrastinates waits, and waits and ... waits... and then its too late. Jump on it while you still can!

How to Promote the $4.95 Trial Offer

Please keep in mind that this is a hidden page. Using your regular Clickbank hoplink will continue to send traffic to our fat loss presentation video on the main sales page (our control). You must use the special hoplink below to send traffic to a new landing page called "TRIAL OFFER."

$4.95 Trial Offer Special Hoplink:

Sends traffic to the $4.95 trial offer page:

*Be sure to insert your Clickbank ID (username) into the field "CBAFFID" before publishing that link to make sure you are awarded your sales commission.

Solo Emails:

The best way to promote this trial offer is to send a solo email via broadcast.

Solo Email 1: This is an affiliate version of the email that we sent to our house list that resulted in a windfall of sales. If you can only send one solo email, use this one. If you can send more than one solo email, this one also sets the stage for future promo emails. Be sure to customize the email where noted (intro, signature, hoplinks, etc.).

Subject Line Suggestions:

Send out that first solo email right now and watch the sales come in!

More updates to follow, including follow-up solo emails. If you have any questions or need any assistance, please use the contact form at the link below.


Tom Venuto,
Author and Publisher

John Sifferman,
affiliate manager
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Click Here To Contact

*Disclaimer: BurnTheFat.com makes no promises, assurances or guarantees about earnings, commissions, conversions or income potential. Results of other affiliates are provided for informational purposes only and are no guarantee that you will do as well. Your participation in the Burn The Fat affiliate program implies acceptance of all terms and conditions of our affiliate agreement. Read the affiliate agreement and earnings disclaimer here:

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