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Discover The Motivation And "Mind Power" Secrets That Guarantee You Will Never Fall Off The Wagon Again!

New Program Reveals How To Super-Charge Your Motivation, End Emotional Eating And Re-Program Your Self-Image...
Stick With Any Diet Program, Obliterate Bad Habits
And Enjoy Permanent Results, More Easily Than Ever!

Dear Friend,

Tom Venuto, Fat Loss Coach

My Name is Tom Venuto. Most people know me as a personal trainer, steroid-free bodybuilder and fat loss coach.

You can see my bio HERE if you like, but if you look at my picture to the right, it speaks for itself. Not only do I know what I'm talking about, I walk my talk.

I've competed in 28 bodybuilding competitions and have been working in the fitness industry teaching people how to gain muscle and burn off body fat - the natural way - for over 21 years.

I'm also the author of two best selling books on fat loss, including Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle - the top selling fat loss program on the Internet.

That's why what I'm about to say to you might come as a huge shock.

It doesn't matter what nutrition or training program you follow...

What matters the most is...



What Makes You Follow Your Program is...
The Ability to Summon Powerful MOTIVATION - at Will!

Take this quick quiz to test your motivation quotient:

Q: Do you often cheat on your diet? (unplanned cheating)

Q: Did you ever fall off the diet wagon completely or just give up out of frustration?

Q: Do you often give your workouts a half-hearted effort because you don't "feel" like training?

Q: Do you often skip workouts completely?

If you said yes to any of these questions, then your weak link may not be the technical side of nutrition or training, but your ability to stay motivated enough to follow your program consistently. That's where I can help.

Not only have I spent my entire career studying nutrition and exercise science, I've spent almost 21 years researching fitness psychology and motivation.

I've discovered that successful people not only DO certain things physically, they also do certain things mentally. They talk to themselves, make pictures in their minds and have feelings in a very particular way, that's different than what the failures do.

Over the past 4 months, I scoured through all my books, seminar transcripts, notes, coaching programs and research files, assembling everything I've ever learned about the power of the mind over the body into one incredible new package.

It's a bundle of 7 e-books and special reports, called "OPERATION MOTIVATION".

Here's everything that's included, plus a sample of
what you'll learn inside each ebook and report:

The Science of Goal Achievement

Motivational Propulsion Systems

The New Visualization Breakthrough

Success Semantics

The Goal Achiever's Secret Weapon

How To End Emotional Eating

Self Image Secrets

  • Why reaching goals is an EXACT SCIENCE... If you ever thought setting goals was just hokey motivational fluff, the scientific proof behind these 7 secrets of goal achievement will blow you away! It's irrefutable - even neuroscientists are now forced to agree - this powerful formula for getting a stunning body with mind power is FOOL PROOF!

  • How to use revolutionary brain science discoveries to put healthy eating and training habits on automatic pilot: Using just 1 of the 10 subconscious mind power secrets can create lasting behavior change... just imagine if you use all of them!

  • How you can use the same mental training secret used by Olympic champions to lose weight, build lean body mass and increase your strength - It's a simple technique that takes as little as 5 minutes a day

  • An NLP Master reveals the secret behind "Motivational Propulsion Systems" It's practically a "Jedi Mind Trick" and the single most powerful motivation technique on planet Earth because it works in TWO directions - literally pulling you forward and pushing you ahead toward your goal at the same time!

  • Never Skip A Workout Again! You'll Be Too Freaking Motivated! All it takes for "never miss" workout motivation and "never cheat" diet motivation is two simple "visualizations" that you do in your head ANY TIME you feel that urge to "blow off the workout" or "blow the diet"

  • How you can take advantage of the mind-body connection with a new form of visualization... Sports psychologists have been teaching mental rehearsal for decades.... but not like this! This is the least known of all mental imagergy techniques... and while we can't prove it yet, it might be the most powerful - you'll just have to try it and see for yourself

  • What to do mentally right in the middle of your workout... it's a type of training visualization that only a handful of world class professional bodybuilders have ever really understood.... yet it's incredibly simple to use this to amplify your workout strength, intensity and overall results

  • "SUCCESS SEMANTICS" - It's the psychological explanation for how words can enhance or destroy your health... and how some words can almost literally "hypnotize you" into eating junk food and staying fat - hypnotherapists have known about this for years, but most people don't have a clue, so they keep sabotaging themselves with failure talk

  • The worst words of all that almost literally re-wire your brain to keep you fat... and the success words and phrases you should use in their place... starting immediately!

  • What to do the next time you go clothes shopping... It's another psych-tactic - a simple thing to say to yourself - that could make the difference between total failure or resounding success in your body transformation

  • How to use a little "tool" - just a small piece of ____________ to install success programming in your brain... no, it's not a microchip, but it WILL turn your mind into a goal achieving super-computer

  • If you set body transformation or life goals, but didn't reach them... it's almost always because you missed one or more of these 4 "goal-activating" essentials

  • The 5 Proven steps to end emotional eating... emotional eating may be the #1 cause of obesity in the world - if you're an emotional eater, this one problem alone can stop you from ever reaching your goals... but the solution is simpler than you think and it's all right here in this e-book

  • What belief systems about food have to do with emotional eating... This is the step that even some PhD psychologists don't know about and yet it's the most important of the 5 steps!

  • HOW TO STOP BINGE EATING COLD! While this is not a treatment for clinical eating disorders, these simple techniques CAN stop the type of common binge eating that plagues almost every dieter and keeps you from losing weight

  • The psychological reason why you BLOW YOUR DIET every time you start making progress... it's the biggest reason why you sabotage yourself every time the going gets good (and it's deeply unconscious, so most people will never figure it out on their own)

  • The 4 steps to changing your old self image from a fat person to lean, healthy and fit person... say goodbye to the "old you" and hello to "THE NEW YOU"

  • Why the hidden Self Image is the prime reason for diet self sabotage ... It's the same reason that 90% of lottery winners blow all their money... and how you can do the opposite to make a permanent change in your body, your behavior and your life...

The Secret To Long-Term Behavior Change

A boot camp instructor can get you "pumped up" for a single workout, but not 1 in 100 trainers has a clue how to keep their clients on the wagon the other 23 hours of the day, 7 days a week

Ask any personal trainer and they'll tell you: They get frustrated to no end when they finish an amazing and effective workout session, but their client goes home and ruins it all with bingeing or giving in to cravings.

The best workout in the world is worthless without the proper nutrition to support it, but the biggest challenge people face today is dieting in a world filled with stress and surrounded with temptation.

Physical training is not enough. The MENTAL training is the real key to long-term behavior change, managing strress and resisting tempation.

I'm talking about being able to stick with any diet or exercise program, almost effortlessly, by re-programming the deepest recesses of your subconscious mind, where your self-image and your automatic, habitual behaviors are hidden!

Plug the Weak Link That's Held You Back in the Past
And Master Your Mind-Power!

If your weak link is behavioral, motivational and psychological, then endlessly searching for more diet and exercise information is a total dead end. You MUST learn how to harness your mental power so you can follow through on the program you already have!

With operation motivation, you now have the tools to do it.

It's your turn to grab hold of the wheel, take control of your body and steer it where you want it to go. It's time to start surging ahead, bursting through plateaus, shattering old comfort zones, breaking personal records and achieving consistent results, workout after workout, day after day!

Don't wait any longer, grab this special motivation package while it's still available and master BOTH sides of the fitness and weight loss puzzle - the physical and the mental. When you master BOTH, there is nothing left to stop you!


Tom Venuto
Best-Selling Author of
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (Internet Best Seller)
The Body Fat Solution (National Bestseller)

YES! Let Me Try Your OPERATION MOTIVATION package Risk-Free For 8 Weeks, at the Discounted Rate of Only $49.95

YES, Tom! I've had enough of slow results and stagnation. I'm ready to start training my mind, as well as training my body. I'm ready to do what it takes to start seeing a dramatic change in my body, my health and my entire life!

  • YES, I understand that because I am ordering now, while this special package offer is still available, I will only be charged a one time fee of $49.95 for the entire bundle of 7 ebooks and reports.

  • YES, I understand that this is a one-time charge and that I will NOT be billed again for anything. There are no other fees or charges for anything and my credit card information is encrypted, billed on a secure server and is NOT stored anywhere.

  • YES, I understand that this offer may end at any time and each ebook may go back for sale individually at any time in the future without prior notice. I realize this package deal is a limited time offer and if I don't order now I may miss out.

  • YES, I understand that I will get instant access (within minutes) to all the ebooks and reports in adobe acrobat PDF format. I realize these are downloads and no physical products will be shipped.

  • YES, I know I have an 8-Week, 100% Money Back Guarantee. If I'm not completely satisfied I can request a full refund, and have my entire investment returned.

Your Order is 100% Guraranteed by trusted 3rd party CLICKBANK - more than one 1.2 BILLION in secure orders processed

PS. Remember, you have a full 8 weeks to read all the materials and try out the techniques to see how they work for you. There's absolutely NO RISK on your part by at least trying the OPERATION MOTIVATION system to see the kind of revolutionary change it could make in your life, so don't let this opportunity slip by you - grab your spot before this packge deal is done and each ebook goes back for sale indiviually at the full price.

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* IMPORTANT NOTE!: Operation Motivation is a package of 7 ebooks and reports in adobe acrobat PDF format. You will get instant access to the products which you can download just minutes after you order. No physical products will be shipped. You get instant access to the website, 100% online.

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