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The Burn the Fat challenge is a twice a year body transformation contest sponsored by BurnTheFat.com and the Burn The Fat Inner Circle

Every season, this event produces some of the most amazing and inspiring transformations seen in the entire internet fitness community. Today we bring you yet another remarkable success story...

In 98 days, Texan Tim Amyett recorded a 41 pound weight loss, an increase in lean body mass and the largest waistline reduction we’ve ever seen. According to Tim's contest entry stats, he reduced his waist from 53.5 inches to 34.5 inches! Check out the before and after photos and discover how he did it below!

burn the fat challenge

Tim, who won “the most transformed man over 50 award” – achieved more than a physical change, however - he also transformed his health and his entire attitude. Tim explained:

"I had been diagnosed with atherosclerosis with three substantial blockages, (one at 70% and 2 at 50%) and the doctor recommended stents. I felt this would be just treating the symptoms, and not a lasting change. I knew it was past time to get serious.”

“Along with Atherosclerosis, the effects of an indulgent life style was taking its toll on my body in the forms of early stage Diabetes, Sleep Apnea, and Arthritis and gastro-oesophageal reflux disease. I was experiencing the consequences of not caring for myself, and I knew it was only going to get worse. I had vivid dreams of having a heart attack or of having bypass surgery and being strapped to a table as a masked doctor sawed open my chest... "

"Today, ALL the health problems are totally gone, except for minimal arthritis and it's getting better every day. But the best thing I've received was the confidence;, the 'I Can Achieve' attitude! ...

Have you lost hope? Do you think you can never change what you are? I understand to some degree what you believe. But I want to encourage you if you're reading this - to give you the hope - that if I've done it, so can you."

With our next Burn the Fat Challenge just around the corner, we recently invited Tim to return and give some details about how he achieved his results share some tips with our readers to help them get better results - or maybe - even become the next “burn the fat success story.


Howdy ya'll, Tim here.

Tom Venuto recently invited me to elaborate on how I achieved my results from the last Burn the Fat challenge in only 98 days. Some of these things that I detail may not be “mainstream,” but this is what worked for me, and everyone is always looking for new or different ideas, so I hope this helps.

First of all, Tom's Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) book along with the volumes of nutritional information available at his Burn the Fat Inner Circle support site were priceless. I read and reread so many articles and chapters from the book about optimal protein and carb intake, implementing carb cycling, understanding calorie expenditure, and how to keep your calorie deficits.

I recommend using BFFM as your guide, but remember that you MUST be proactive in figuring out how to customize the plan so it works best for you. As we say here in Texas, “Take the bull by the horns!”

Best foods and food group categories

The first step was learning the different foods and how they fit into categories of lean protein, fibrous carbs, starchy carbs, healthy fats and which foods are good for you and which aren’t.

Before this challenge, food was just something that tasted good and whether I ate a food was determined only by its taste. I learned there was a lot more to desire in foods than good taste. I had to learn about nutrient density (“clean eating”) and eating for health. I also had to customize my foods because I had IBS (irritable bowel syndrome), and I learned that I was intolerant to wheat and bread products. I weaned my way off those (and was glad I did – my IBS is gone).

I focused on real, whole foods. I didn’t and still don’t use any supplements other than creatine and a multi vitamin tablet. I made sure to eat a lean protein with every meal. (I ate so much chicken and so many eggs, I thought I would have to cut back, or else my feathers would attract too much attention and my crowing in the morning would disturb my wife!)

Understanding real hunger and proper food portions

To get the kind of results I did in 98 days, I had to retrain myself to identify what I thought was hunger and what wasn’t. If you are living in the good ole' U.S. of A., the odds are high that you don't really know what real hunger is, because we are surrounded with food and eating cues. How did I learn? I know this may sound crazy, but it worked for me. I went on a fast! Some people – especially BFFM followers who are conscientious about avoiding starvation diets - may be thinking I’m crazy, but please let me explain why and how I did it:

I didn’t fast for calorie restriction or weight loss, I didn’t do it often and I didn’t do it for long – usually only about 24 hours. During the Burn the Fat challenge I only did it twice and in the entire last 6 months, only about 4 times. I did it to get in touch with my body and change my perception of hunger. (when you eat nothing all day - just drink water - you experience real HUNGER!) It let me experience and train myself to recognize what few Americans even comprehend – the difference between true physical hunger and the emotional urge to eat

This was one of my biggest obstacles before, but I think I’ve got it now! I can truly say that I am content with eating right and not "chomping at the bit" to splurge or binge every time I see food. Sure, I still have the urge to eat something sweet occasionally or get hungry for something particular, but it doesn't control me because now I know I don’t physically need it.

Environment, family, workplace and social conditions.

I didn’t get any help at all from home or immediate family. I was pretty much the Lone Ranger in this endeavor and still am. I had to learn to prepare my own healthy meals. But, when your health has deteriorated as much as mine had, learning to prepare good meals wasn't that big a deal (I had serious personal motivation). I had to contend with the "bad for you food " that found its way into my house on a daily basis (and still does). But I am strong in my resolve to control what I eat.

Of course, so many of our personal associations and family get togethers revolve around food. One day, one of my married daughters came over to visit. She was incredulous that her "Boss Hog" daddy wasn’t eating what everyone else was! Here I was eating my own chicken salad, cottage cheese and drinking green tea. I didn't make a big deal about it, I just politely declined to eat what they were eating. My family thought I had gone off the deep end. Then again, some of them still have weight and health problems. I don't.

If you don’t get the support you want at home, the Burn the Fat Inner Circle support community can be a constant source of strength. It was for me. I read and re-read so many posts and got so much encouragement from those that replied to my journal. Following the forum and being a part of the inner circle became a habit to me. Everyone was so encouraging in so many different ways.


The program is a simple combination of weight training and cardio training. But exercise was a challenge for me as well. At first, my workouts were short and inconsistent sessions of weight training (I despised it originally), combined with long bike rides, (which I “kind of” liked). The bike rides grew a lot more intense fairly quickly. I kept up with the weights and eventually the intensity started coming around there as well.

I still struggle with working out enough sometimes, but I realized from my progress so far that this is a mental growth process as well as a physical one. The more I continued thinking positive and allowing myself to grow, the more my work ethic started getting better on a regular basis. Physical goals that were before only a dream, became reality, and new goals took their place. You achieve one goal and it’s on to the next.

There will always be parts of this journey that are challenging for you, but you form new resolves. There will always be obstacles blocking your path that test your commitment to change and keep growing. But I know that if I tire at any stage along the way, then my development will stop. It's a slippery slope; stop too long, and you’re sliding backwards. So I keep training.


Muscles aren’t the only thing you can grow. Exercise is a stress you intentionally put on a muscle to make it grow. Well, when you exercise your brain with carefully thought-out choices and actions, you grow mentally stronger. When you change your thinking, your body has to follow. I like Napoleon Hill's phrase, "You are what you think about the most."

I've adapted something I heard years ago to the different stages of growth:

First, it's Despised
Then Tolerated
Then Acknowledged
Then Accepted
Then Embraced
Then Promoted
Then Preached.

I have known the first three stages very well. I think I’m still working on the fourth! I also think you can tell what stage you’re in by your physical development. If you’re promoting or preaching health and fitness, it's more believable if you look like Tom Venuto than John Goodman.

I had some very good progress for this challenge, but I started from a very bad place. I was so far down I had to reach up to touch bottom. There’s still more development to take place. I’m still growing, but I hope my expression and sharing of my Burn the Fat challenge results so far can help others make lasting changes in their life.

There is no doubt in my mind, I would not and could not be where I am today without this amazing Burn the Fat system, community and challenge that Tom Venuto has developed. I will continue to use it to acquire and achieve my goals. Thanks. Tim Amyett

Learn More about Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle on home page here: www.BurnTheFat.com/home.

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