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Thanks for checking out my photo gallery page. I'm going to add more photos in the future, including recent ones as I take them. The picture on top is very recent - it was taken just a few months ago.

I am what you call a "natural" bodybuilder, which means I have never taken steroids or fat burning drugs. I do not even use over the counter "fat burning" (so called) pills or supplements.

Why? becuase if "fat burning" pills and supplements are not a complete and total waste of money, I can at least say for certain, with proof below, that they are totally UNnecessary.

The physique you see displayed below, at 3.7% to 4.5% body fat, was developed the all natural way - with good food, hard training, persistence and determination - not with pills. I used the exact same methods that you will find in my Burn The Fat program.

My Very best to you,
Tom Venuto, Author,
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle

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