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Get In The Best Shape of Your Life...
And Win a Trip To Maui... In 5-Star Style!

Announcing The Most Exciting Body Transformation Contest In Years!



Dear Friend,

The most unique, most exciting Internet body transformation contest in years is about to begin.

It's called the Burn The Fat Challenge.

Accept this challenge to transform your body this summer and you could win an ultra-luxurious trip to Maui, Hawaii!

But the truth is, all you have to do to be a "winner" is FINISH the challenge, because at the end of this amazing fitness journey, you will be in the best shape of your life, and THAT is the best prize of all.

Even if you've failed in the past or fallen short of reaching your biggest goals, with the Burn The Fat Challenge Contest, Transforming your body just got easier...

How? Because with this contest, you'll have all the "leverage" and all the "success tools" you need to take action, stick with it and succeed:

Tools For Body Transformation Success:

  1. Motivation and Rewards (MAUI! and other great prizes)
  2. Group Support (you'll be joining thousands of "burners", all cheering you on!)
  3. Personal and group Accountability (the program is structured, so you'll be accountable for your results - you can even join a team if you want "double accountability!")
  4. A powerful program with a proven track record (Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - official fat burning program of the Burn the Fat Challenge)

A New You In Just 98 Days!

This is one of two challenges sponsored by Burn The Fat every year. Our holiday (winter) challenge takes place over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's - Those 49 days fly by fast.

The Burn The Fat 2010 summer challenge - which is open for entry between May 24th and May 30th this year - runs twice as long - 98 days - which is why we've nicknamed it "THE BIG BURN!"

That means you have ample time and opportunity to make a HUGE, MASSIVE change in your body (a LOT can happen in 14 weeks!)

The best part is, the changes in your body will be the IDEAL kind - you'll be burning off pure body fat, not just water weight or lean body mass - and you may even find yourself gaining some lean muscle in the process.

This is like no fitness contest you've ever seen before, because:

  • You are competing against yourself for personal improvement, not against others.
  • This is NOT a "weight loss" contest. This is a body composition transformation contest.
  • This is a lifestyle transformation - NOT a crash diet or anything extreme.

You're eligible to enter if you own the burn the fat, feed the muscle ebook or if you're an inner circle member. (Some restrictions apply - see rules below).

Join The Burn The Fat Inner Circle

Get the Burn The Fat ebook!

Contest Registration opens on Monday, May 24th and the entry deadline is Sunday, May 30th.tom

We can't wait to see you inside the site on the Burn the Fat Challenge forums... and maybe, we'll be seeing you off to Maui!

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto,
Author of Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Founder & CEO of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle

PS. Now... Turn Up Your Speakers, click the play button and read on to see where I'm sending you if you're chosen as one of the overall winners, plus get more instructions on how to enter!

Winners and Prize Packages

2 Overall Winners

Women's Overall Champion- Win a 7-day / 6-Night Luxury Vacation for two to the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea Beach on Maui!

Men's Overall Champion - Win a 7-day / 6-Night Luxury Vacation for two to the Four Seasons Resort at Wailea Beach on Maui!


Your Trip Includes:

  • Roundtrip Airfare
  • Rental car (go see more of the island, if you choose)
  • 6-nights for you and your guest at the 5-Star Four Seasons Resort on Maui
  • $500 resort credit (suggestion: Try dinner at Wolfgang Puck's Spago restaurant... and pamper yourself at the Four Season's spa)
  • $500 spending cash for food and fun - use it anywhere on the island, anyway you want!
  • Hotel amenities: 3 pools (including an ocean-view infinity pool), cabanas, lounge chairs, fitness center with classes, outrigger canoe lessons, tennis courts, badminton, croquet, putting green, volleyball and more
  • Endless island activities, water sports, shopping and dining nearby the resort.

Valid Travel Dates: Your vacation package must be redeemed between September 2010 and May 1st, 2011.

best hotels in the world

Did You Know?

  • Maui has been voted the top island destination in the world by CondeNast Travel Magazine - FIFTEEN times!
  • The Four Seasons on Maui was voted by Conde Nast Traveler Magazine's Readers Choice Survey as the #1 Hawaiian resort, 2009.
  • The Four Seasons at Wailea beach on Maui is one of only a few 5-star hotels in all the Hawaiian islands.
  • The Four Seasons on Maui is one of the top-rated hotels in the world for service.

Overall winners also receive a 3 year membership to the burn the fat inner circle, a personally autographed copy of Tom's hard cover book, The Body Fat Solution and a 9 CD set of the Body Fat Solution audiobook (BBC Audiobooks America)


5 Special Category Winners

Most Inspirational - Contestant with the most inspiring transformation story (judged as person who overcomes greatest obstacles and maintains best positive attitude, while making excellent body transformation), wins choice of IPOD classic, IPOD Touch or Amazon 6" Kindle.

Most Ripped - Contestant who shows most improvement (fat loss), as judged visually and by measurements, culminating in the most ripped physique, wins choice of IPOD classic, IPOD Touch or Amazon 6" Kindle.

Best body recomposition ("holy grail" award) - The "holy grail" of fitness goals is gaining muscle and losing fat at the same time, also known as "body recomposition." The contestant who shows the greatest recomposition as judged by photograph and body composition testing results wins choice of IPOD classic, IPOD Touch or Amazon 6" Kindle.

Most Supportive - Contestant who provides most support, accountability and inspiration to other contestants (via quantity and quality of forum comments in other people's journals) wins choice of IPOD classic, IPOD Touch or Amazon 6" Kindle.

Category winners will also receive a one year membership to the burn the fat inner circle and a personally autographed copy of Tom's hard cover book, the Body Fat Solution

Top Team - Join forces with other "Burners" in groups of 5. Name your team. Start a team journal. Submit your team results together along with an additional team essay. Judged by same three criteria as individuals, plus a team spirit component; judged on teamwork and mutual support exhibited via forum journals, during contest). All 5 members of the winning team each get an IPOD NANO, a 3 month membership to the inner circle and a personally autographed copy of tom's hard cover book.

Crossover entries

You may enter as an individual AND with a team (aka "crossover"), thereby being eligible for two prizes. (for example, overall winners may be part of a team or special category winners may be part of a team).

Overall winners not eligible for special category awards. (no crossover). For example, you cannot win most ripped and overall winner. Special categories provide more chances for more people to be winners.


If you choose to enter and accept this challenge, you will take a “before” photograph of yourself between May 24th and May 30th.

You will also record your body weight AND your ULTRA-IMPORTANT body fat percentage. The body fat test will then tell you how much of your weight is fat and how much is muscle.

The overall winners will be chosen based on greatest body composition improvement in 98 days: judged on:

1. The improvement in your body as seen in your before photo compared to your after photo.
2. The improvement in your body composition (the fat-to-muscle ratio)
3. The essay you will write about your experience at the end of the 98 day contest.
(each component counts for 1/3 of the score).

This is NOT a competition against others, per se. You will be judged on your own personal improvement between your "before" and your "after."

This is NOT a "weight loss" contest. (The person who loses the most weight could be the winner, but losing the most weight does not guarantee you will be the winner).

Contest Registration and Start Dates

Contest entry (registration) begins Monday, May 24th.

Entry deadline will be Sunday, May 30th at midnight PST

You will choose your own start date (Your "Day One") between Monday, May 24th and Sunday, May 30th. You must start your "98-day Burn" no later than May 30th, 2010.

You'll be officially entered after you have started a journal in the Challenge forums and posted your "before" photos. Detailed "how to get started" instructions are provided in the challenge forums.

Your BURN will last 98 days, ending in the last week of August or the first week of September, depending on your start date.


You are eligible to enter the contest in one of two ways:

(1) Become a member of the Burn The Fat Inner Circle (click here to join)
(2) Purchase the Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle ebook (click here to purchase)

International, federal, state and local laws may apply. Fitness contests with prizes must be legal in your city, state, county, province and country. Void where prohibited.

If you are a professional bodybuilding, fitness or figure competitor, you are not eligible for this contest.

This is a natural competition. If you use steroids, growth hormone, clenbuterol, physique-enhancing drugs, performance enhancing drugs, thyroid drugs (for non-medical reasons) and or insulin (for non medical reasons), you are not eligible for this contest (natural, over-the-counter supplements like creatine are fine).

You must be 18 years of age or older.


To become eligible for entry in the Burn The Fat Challenge, purchase the Burn the Fat ebook or join the Burn the Fat Inner Circle:

Join The Burn The Fat Inner Circle

Get the Burn The Fat ebook!

ALREADY A BURN THE FAT CUSTOMER? If you're already a burn the fat ebook customer and you haven't received your private invitation for contest registration (via email), please contact customer service and be sure to include your receipt # or proof of purchase:



four seasons fountains
You'll love the sunny weather at this tropical resort... blue skies and clear blue water!

four seasons fountains
How clear? Here's your view from the water's edge down on the beach

four seasons fountains
Just imagine the warm, wet sand squishing between your toes...

Looking out the hotel entrance before you saunter down to your private cabana

the hotel
Here's the view of your hotel while you lounge by the pool, and yes there's a swim-up bar, but go easy on the drinks - gotta keep those abs showing!)

the grounds
If you get restless from all that lounging around the beach and pool,
take a stroll through the immaculate and beautiful resort grounds

four seasons spa
Spoil yourself with a relaxing massage or soothing body treatment, Hawaiian-style

spgo outside dining
Sit indoors or enjoy the outdoor dining when you eat at Wolfgang Pucks Spago

Your view of the ocean from the infinity pool at sunset

See You In Maui! Mahalo!

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• The contest is sponsored Fitness Renaissance, LLC, a New Jersey corporation doing business under the Burn The Fat Brand including Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle, BurnTheFat.com, Burn The Fat Blog and Burn The Fat Inner Circle • Winner must use vacation trips within redemption date window (September, 2010 to May 1st, 2011)• Trip is not exchangeable for cash and can not be transferred to anyone other than the official contest winner • Winners are responsible for contacting our travel agent and booking his/her trip at least 4 weeks prior to desired travel dates • Winner and guest must depart from same airport • You must be 18 years of age or older to enter contest • Winner and guest must be at least 18 years of age to redeem vacation prize package • To enter the Burn the Fat Challenge Contest, fitness competitions with prizes must be legal in your country, province, state and/or city. There may be restrictions in some states or countries and this contest is "void where prohibited") • Contest is void in Vermont, Maryland and North Dakota for new customers (reason: state laws do not allow registration in a fitness contest that requires a new purchase) • The contest will be judged by the Burn The Fat Team, which includes qualified fitness professionals, Tom Venuto, John Sifferman, Kyle Battis, Marc David and Kostas Marangopoulos • Additional qualified judges may be added at the discretion of the contest sponsor, based on the number of contest entries • All decisions of the judges are final, without appeal • The contest sponsor reserves the right to change rules or change the prizes at its direction • Any changes to the rules will be published in the contest forum at the Burn the Fat Inner Circle website • Consult a health or medical professional before starting any exercise program • Consult a health or medical professional before making any changes to your nutrition • By entering the contest, you represent and warrant that you are in good health and that you have been advised to consult a medical doctor or health care provider before starting any nutrition or exercise program • Each contestant accepts all risk of injury or loss as a result of participating in the Burn The Fat challenge contest • All entries including photographs, journal posts and essays become the property of Fitness Renaissance, LLC and the Burn The Fat companies • Winners and finalists will be publicized - do not enter if you do not wish to have your photos publicized • Each contestant accepts all risk of injury or loss as a result of participating in the Burn The Fat challenge contest • By entering the Burn The Fat challenge, you give your consent and permission for Fitness Renaissance LLC and the Burn The Fat companies, including Burn the Fat, Burn The Fat Blog and Burn The Fat Inner Circle, and their affiliates, to use your name, photographs and essay to promote Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, Burn The Fat.com, Burn The Fat Inner Circle and Burn The Fat contests worldwide in any media or format whatsoever without restrictions or limitations. This permission is granted by virtue of participation in the Burn The Fat Fitness Challenge • By entering this Contest, entrants agree to release and hold harmless the Contest Sponsor and their respective employees, subcontractors, officers, directors, agents, representatives, successors, assigns, affiliates, advertising agencies, travel agencies and promotional agencies from any liability for any loss or damage of any kind to the entrant or any other person in connection with this Contest or participation in any Contest related activities, including but not limited the taking of a drug test or, if declared a winner, the use or misuse of a prize or any portion of a prize including personal injury, death or property damage • The Contest Sponsor may collect your personal information for the purposes of contest registration, program evaluation, membership offers and to keep you informed about The Challenge • The Contest Sponsor may, if consent was given during registration, also contact you with information about other Burn The Fat related products services or contests • All email addresses will be kept private and email broadcasts or newsletters will be compliant with email and spam laws • The Contest Sponsor will not share any personal data about entrants, including postal address, email address or telephone, with any other party under any circumstances. For more information about our general website privacy policies visit: http://www.burnthefatinnercircle.com/public/department12.cfm • The Contest Sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to modify, cancel or suspend this Contest should external circumstances arise which are beyond the reasonable control of the Contest Sponsor • The Contest Sponsor is not responsible for any errors or omissions in printing or advertising this Contest • Contest sponsor address: Fitness Renaissance, LLC, DBA Burn the Fat, PO BOX 5097, Hoboken, NJ, 07030, USA

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NOTE: Burn the fat e-book customers will receive a private email invitation to the Body transformation challenge contest immediately after purchasing the ebook and confirming their e-mail subscription to the clients-only newsletter (valid email address and subscripton confirmation required). You can also request a Burn the Fat Challenge contest entry form by sending your proof of ebook purchase to customer service.

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