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For Women Who Want To Get Leaner, Faster...

The Success Stories Are In! Here's Proof
That Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle
Can Work Fitness Miracles For Any Woman,
At Any Age, In Any Country... In Just 49 Days!

49-day body transformation Dear Friend:

Hi - Tom Venuto here. I've been a fitness professional and fat loss coach helping women get leaner for more than 22 years.

But over the past year, I've been making an "outrageous" promise that some people found hard to believe. (A few even said I was "full of it.")

Why the skepticism? What is my "outrageous" new promise that sparked all this controversy?

It's simple: I promise that with the proper nutrition techniques combined with two types of training and certain motivational and psychological "success factors" (which I explain in my Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program), you can transform your body in only 49 days

If you're skeptical too, then don't take my word for it. As Carl Sagan once said, "extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence."

Scroll down to the before and after photos I just posted below and see for yourself how success story after success story has been pouring out of our growing international "Burn the Fat" community in record numbers this year.

And remember, this is the same #1 Best-selling fat loss system that has already helped more than a quarter million people from 147 countries get beach-worthy bodies since it first burst on the Internet scene in 2002...

It is now, quite simply, better than ever.

What Kind of Results Can You Achieve In Only 49 Days?

I'm not claiming that any woman can have perfect muscle tone with nice tight abdominals just 7 weeks from now.

Obviously, for example, if you weigh 200 pounds with 37% body fat, it's going to take longer than 49 days to start seeing real muscle definition (Ce Ce, who is pictured below, lost 173 pounds, but that took over a year).

But here's what I CAN guarantee:

No matter what kind of shape you're in now, our most recent wave of success stories proves that you can look like a new person in 49 days by using the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle plan...

  • If you’re already lean, you can get firm, defined abs (even a "six pack") in 49 days
  • If you’re average, you can get lean and start to see your abs and total body muscle definition showing in 49 days
  • If you’re overweight, you can drop so much fat, you’ll need a whole new wardrobe in just 49 days (so please don’t yell at me about your clothes shopping bill)
  • If you’re obese, you can lose enough fat to dramatically improve your blood pressure, blood sugar and blood lipids - while dropping several waist sizes and feeling better about yourself than you have in years - all in only 49 days!

And the proof is right here on this webpage!

How Am I So Sure That Anybody Can Do This… And Why 49 Days?

Burn the Fat Feed The Muscle

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM) is one of the most respected and trusted fat burning systems on the internet, still going strong and transforming bodies worldwide after a decade online.

But just in the last year or so, something extraordinary happened…

The turning point was when I started hosting body transformation contests that were only 49 days long.

Initially, there was no particular reason for the 49-day time frame except this:

We held the first fitness contest over the holidays, from Thanksgiving, over Christmas, and into the New Year. That “holiday challenge” just happened to be a 49-day period.

At first people said we were crazy to have a body transformation contest during the busiest, most stressful and most temptation-filled time of the year.

The skeptics also said that 7 weeks wasn’t long enough to see any really major body changes. You needed at least 3 or 4 months for that, they scoffed, much longer if you were obese or overweight.

In spite of the naysayers, thousands of women of every body shape and size; every fitness level, every walk of life, from every country and every age group, accepted my 49-day challenge.

After documenting their progress with photos, weigh-ins, body fat testing, weekly progress reporting and strict date verification, hundreds of them finished the challenge… and by day 49, the end result was:

They achieved more body changes in those 7 short weeks than anyone ever thought possible!

The 49-Day Body Transformation Women's Success Gallery

What you will see below are some of the winners, finalists and success stories from our two most recent Burn the Fat 49-day body transformation contests. Remember, ALL of these extraordinary results took place over a short period of only 7 weeks (49 days).

Hannah Mauck:
Cut 6% body fat, shrunk her thighs and flattened her belly in 49 days!

I could say a lot about Hannah's Mauck's 7-week transformation, but her photos speak for themselves - even the look on her face before and after says it all. In just 7 weeks, Hannah cut 6% body fat and shed 12.2 lbs, almost all of it pure fat. By the way, did you know that on average, it takes most people 12 weeks to lose that much in body fat percentage?

Although Hannah's body comp numbers show pure fat loss and not muscle gain, she sure looks more muscular doesn't she? She has stripped away literally all of the fat to reveal beautiful muscle underneath, great overall body symmetry and an all-around TIGHT and TONED body! Now, the next time someone tells you muscles can't be feminine, you show them Hannah, and then show them the free weights!

Oh, did I mention... Hannah is the mother of three children under the age of five, including a one-year old? I'm wondering how many moms feel motivated now?

Linda McVetty (Canada):
Slashed her body fat 8.6% and gained 2.1 lbs of muscle in 49 days!

Linda shredded 17 excess pounds, slashed her body fat 8.6% (down from 27.9% to 19.3%) added on 2.1 pounds of lean body mass, and flattened her belly - all in just 49 days.

Linda is a person who understands the importance of body composition versus body weight. Linda wrote: "Becoming just a smaller version of myself just wasn't good enough anymore. This time I was focusing on building and preserving lean muscle."

A mom with a 6-year old daughter, her goal now is a triathalon... or maybe even a figure competion. I think either one is within her grasp!

Oh, and about the before snapshot, why the santa cap and the red bikini out in the snow? Well, this was the Burn the Fat holiday (winter) challenge and Linda was showing some real holiday spirit!

Amanda Andrews (Canada)
TOTAL body transformation from fat to muscle in only 49 days!

If you look up "body transformation" in the dictionary, don't be surprised if you find before and after photos of Amanda Andrews. You see, there's weight loss and then there's body transformation. What you're looking at in these photos is not just weight loss! This is a complete change in body composition - a real TOTAL body transformation! (We almost had to ask ourselves, "Is that the same person?)

Amanda's results epitomize what Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is about. It's not just about losing weight. It's not about getting "skinny." It's about burning the fat and building lean muscle in just the right places in just the right amounts to re-shape your entire body

This 49-day before and after sequence shows an 11.6 pound drop in body weight, but as you can see with your own eyes - it's not just about the scale - there was a HUGE change in Amanda's body composition even with a modest drop in bodyweight. And remember, these results took place in just weeks!

Sarah Kensington (UK):
Burned Off 7 lbs of fat and gained 8lbs of Muscle in 49 days!

When you look at Sarah's before and after photos you may be surprised to hear that she actually gained a pound during the 49-day Burn the Fat challenge. How is it possible then that she looks so much leaner? Simple: she dropped 7 pounds of fat while gaining nearly 8 pounds of muscle!

It's even harder for women than men to gain muscle and lose fat concurrently, yet Sarah gained more lean body mass than anyone in the entire contest! it shows in the pictures too. After you stop staring at her rock hard abs, take a look at the muscle increase in Sarah's arms and shoulders. A truly monumental "body composition transformation."

Many people do need to burn off excess body weight, but Sarah is another example that body transformation is not always about the scale - it's the muscle to fat ratio that really counts.

Rosine Simpson:
Super mom gets "ripped" in 49 Days!

Rosine Simpson dropped what may seem like a modest amount of weight and body fat (down from 22% body fat to 18.7%). However, her before and after is stunning! The amount of new muscle definition is amazing! (the skinfold caliper test showed only 2 millimeters on the hip-bone pinch, so Rosine literally had almost no fat left there!

Rosine is a new mom, having given birth to her fourth child just 3.5 months prior to the challenge. Despite struggling with joint hypermobilty issues and painful sacroiliac joints following her last pregnancy, Rosine pressed her way onward right to the top 10 winner's circle.

"I've learned more confidence, faith, and hope comes to us when we measure personal progress instead of comparing ourselves to others," she said. "A greater feeling of freedom and peace came as I decided to take more responsibility for my health. There is no magic solution for burning off excess fluff, building a stronger physique, or building a stronger mind. It just takes a proven plan, determination to succeed, a positive attitude and the endurance to ride out the highs AND lows of our experiences."

Aimee Accinno (Massachusetts, USA)
Burned 7.8% body fat and lost 4 inches off her waist in 49 Days!

Body fat down 7.8% from 28.4% to 20.6%. Waist down 4 full inches from 32.5 to 28.5 inches. Weight down 10.6 pounds from 152 to 141.4. Lean body mass UP 3.4 pounds from 108.8 to 112 pounds (great body-recomposition!) And remember, this was achieved in only 49 days over Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's, when we hold our holiday winter challenge.

Equally impressive as the fat lost at double the average rate is Aimee's increase in muscle - 3.4 pounds of lean body mass - and it shows in her pictures, from front to back.

One more thing: some readers might be surprised to learn that Aimee is a vegan. With 14 fewer pounds of fat and 3.2 more pounds of muscle, she is proof that if you're training hard with weights and getting enough protein - even if only from plant sources - you can make one heck of an impressive body transformation!

Dianne Marshall (Alaska, USA)
Dropped 17 Pounds and Flattened her Stomach in 49 days!

Dianne was well known in our Burn the Fat Inner Circle community as she won the Burn The Fat Challenge "Most supportive award" (social support is one of the true keys to getting better than average results).

Dianne helped motivate a lot of other people with words of encouragement, but she was no slouch in the transformation department herself. She says that planning and accountability were two of her biggest success tools. She was also meticulous about tracking all her numbers - a success trait we see in many of our winners.

Her strategy paid off - Dianne burned off 5.6% of her body fat and dropped 17 lbs in just 7 weeks!

Sally Sanders (Michigan USA)
Lost 9 3/4 inches off her waist in 49 days!!

Coming off a difficult year, Sally had reached 215 lbs and a size 18 by November. At the beginning of the holiday season, when most people let their eating and physical activity slide the most, Sally decided to do the opposite: She signed on for the Burn The Fat Holiday challenge.

Getting leaner and healthier over the holidays is difficult for anyone, but try doing it when you live on your family-owned bakery and winery! Despite being surrounded by temptations every day, Sally dropped 13.6 pounds and take a look at her waist - she shrunk her waistline by 9 3/4 inches!

And This Was Just a Small Sample of Recent
Burn the Fat 49-Day Success Stories!

All these super-fit super-ladies used the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program to help them achieve these impressive before and after results. Here's the part that may really surprise you: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is based on the body-building style of nutrition!

But keep in mind that none of these women pictured above are bodybuilders. They're not bikini models, figure competitors or fitness contestants. They're not professional physique athletes.

Their ages range from 20-something to 50-something. They have bodies of every height, weight and shape imaginable. They are busy professionals or moms, if not taking care of the family and household full time, then working or going to school full time. They're probably a lot like you. If they can do it, you can do it too.

More Than Just a 49-Day Program

One question I've been getting a lot since I started showcasing these 49-day body transformations has to do with whether you get a 49-day workout or meal plan, etc, and what happens after the 49 days is over.

It's important to know that Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is not a “49-day program.” That would imply that it ends in 49 days, which it doesn't. Burn the Fat is a lifestyle. 49 Days is a short term goal.

We've simply proven, with our twice-yearly Burn the Fat body transformation contests, that you can see dramatic results in as little as 49 days.

Use the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle to lose all the fat you want, until you reach your long-term goal. When you’re satisfied with your body weight and body composition, you can simply move into a maintenance phase with maintenance calories (or start building muscle, if that's what you want).

How long it takes you to hit your long term goal depends on where you are now. We have people using the program at every stage along the journey...

You can use the program whether you have 100 pounds or more to lose or just the last 10 pounds (so you can finally see your abs!) You can use it whether you’re a year away from your goal or just weeks away.

Ce Ce Lost 173 Pounds... Becomes Endurance Athlete!

Success Story!

"I was so overweight, I was turned down as a bone marrow donor.
It took time, but I lost 173 pounds and am now on the bone marrow registry. I'm currently working with the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society to raise money for blood cancer research by cycling 100 mile rides for Team In Training. Who'd have thought that someone 356 lbs would ever become an endurance athlete?

Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is like a breath of fresh air for those of us who want to lose weight. Unlike other diets it's an easy structure. You can follow it. You can customize it. It's so flexible and I think that's why its going to work for so many people."

- Ce Ce Evola

Bonnie Lost 51 Pounds and 12.5% Body Fat!

Success Story!

"I'm a 40 year old mom with 3 children, ages 11, 6 and 4. Before, I was 85 kg and 36.5% body fat, size 40. I was fat, miserable, and my family life and relationship were suffering. I wasn't able to do anything with my kids, I was tired and constantly irritated.

My husband knew someone who did Burn The Fat and it changed his life, so I decided to try it too. I lost 15 kgs and kept it off! Then, because of my desire to be "hot at 40," I took it to a new level. Tom taught me how to manipulate my carbs, I lost another 8 kgs and competed in my first figure competition."

- Bonnie VanNiekerk

Judy, Mother of Two, Lost 77 Pounds!

Success Story!

"I've battled with weight issues since I was 12 years old, doing all types of fad diets - you name it I’ve tried it. Nothing really worked or at least nothing ever stuck because I always slipped back to my original weight. I was always yo-yo-ing up and down. I was also told I had a medical condition called PCOS, Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, and I was actually considered "obese."

My husband gave me Tom's book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (BFFM). I started reading it, and that was it. I really got hooked by it. I’ll be honest with you, at first I was a little nervous to read it because it was written by a body builder and I thought, how could this help me? But when you start reading, you realize body builder, fitness model, I could never go there, but it’s definitely do-able for the everyday person. That’s the gift that Tom has - he is giving you the tools to use in your everday life.

It's very exciting when you finally meet somebody or read something that really talks to you and understands your issues. I feel like Tom talks directly to his readers and addresses the realities of weight loss. He's also passionate about what he does. that's extremely motivating and it makes me want to be passionate about losing weight. While I am sure that this program has helped thousands of people, I know in my heart what BFFM has done for me and I can't even describe my gratitude.

- Judy Neger

Start YOUR Body Transformation Today...
And Join Us In Our Next Burn the Fat Challenge

If you’d like to make big changes in YOUR body - and start seeing results in as little as 49 days - everything you need is in the "bible of fat loss" - Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle - the same fat-burning program used by the women you just saw above.

It’s an e-book available right here on this website and it’s downloadable so you can get started literally just minutes from now.

Included with the Burn the fat e-book, new customers get 60 days of membership in our Burn the Fat Inner Circle: The internet’s premier fitness motivation and support community. This is where you get accountability and peer support - the motivational success factors you need if you want to get results faster.

As a confirmed and registered Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle owner, you’ll also receive private invitations by email for all our Burn the Fat Challenges – we hold these exciting competitions twice a year – once in the summer and once in the winter (the original 49 day holiday challenge).

You could shave weeks or even months off the time it would normally take you to reach your most desired body shape and fitness goals. All it takes is the right plan and belief in yourself - you have to believe in your own potential to do so much better than you're doing now

You can see what else is included and order the Burn the Fat program right now, direct from the secure order page by clicking the link below:

Click Here To Download The Complete
Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle System

Train hard and expect success,

Tom Venuto, author of:
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

PS. If you already own the Burn The Fat, Feed the Muscle e-book, then we hope to see you at the next Burn the Fat Challenge body transformation contest and be SURE to check out the Burn The Fat Inner Circle , where you can join thousands of other "burners" as part of the Internet's premier members-only fat loss support community.

PPS. Don't hesitate to email us if you have any questions about the Burn the Fat program. I've posted the answers to some of the most common ones below:

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

Q: What exactly are the contents of the book? Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is known as "the bible of fat loss." It is quite simply one of the most complete, detailed, and precise guides to fat loss you will ever see. It covers all 4 major elements of fat loss: 1) nutrition, 2) weight training, 3) cardio training 4) mental training (motivation). The majority of the program focuses on nutrition because what you eat is the #1 success factor for fastest fat loss. BFFM is not a recipe book, but it teaches you how to quickly and easily create fat-burning meal plans.

Q: Is this a low carb diet? It's better than low carb - it's "carb customized." You'll learn to identify your body type and see whether you're carb tolerant or intolerant. Then you personalize your carb intake to suit your goals and your metabolism. If you want to get "6-pack abs" or "competition" lean, you can use the advanced "carb cycling method, the easiest and most powerful way to do a low carb diet.

Q: Do I have to join a gym or buy any equipment? If so what equipment do I need to follow the workout program? No you don't have to join a gym. You can work out at home if you prefer. All you need is the most basic weight training equipment such as barbells and dumbbells. An adjustable bench, squat rack and chin up bar are also great additions for a home gym set up.

Q: Do I have to take any supplements? No supplements are required. I don't sell supplements and never will. Most of them are a total waste of money. If you want to use supplements, that's your choice, but it's completely optional.

Q: Am I too old for this program? You're never too old to improve your health and fitness. We have women in their 40's, 50's and 60's who have achieved great results on BFFM.

Q: I can't eat wheat or any products with gluten. Can I still follow the program? Yes, gluten intolerance is very common. You can easily work around it. This programs is incredibly flexible so you can adapt it for most special dietary needs (this program is NOT designed for medical purposes however - it's a fat loss program).

Q: I'm lactose intolerant. Can I still do this program? Lactose intolerance is even more common than gluten intolerance. It's easy to work around it because Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle is so flexible. You don't have to eat dairy products if you don't want to.

Q: Will this program work for vegetarians? YES. In fact, Aimee - one of the success stories featured above - is a vegetarian. If you don't eat meat but you eat dairy, eggs or fish, it's very easy to modify the program. If you're a strict vegan however, it will be up to you to come up with your own recipes and meal plans because this program does not include vegan meal plans.

Q: Will this work for me in my country? I'm worried about not having the foods that are required YES! We have customers on the program in 147 countries. The program is super flexible - you are not limited to a small list of foods only available in some countries. You can adapt the program to work wherever you live.

Q: I already have your Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle ebook. How do I enter the Burn the Fat Challenge body transformation contest? Our Burn the Fat Challenge body transformation contest runs twice a year - once in the summer (starts in May) and once in the winter (starts in November). We publicize the event heavily in all our public websites, blogs and newsletters. If you're on our customer email list, you will get a private invitation to the contest. At contest-time, you can also contact us with your Burn the Fat proof of purchase (receipt, etc) to receive a contest invitation. "Contest Central" is located at the BurnTheFatInnerCircle.com members-only website.

Q: Is the book available in hard copy? There is no hard copy. This is a downloadable e-book in Adobe acrobat PDF format. It can be read on any mac or PC or any ebook reader or device that is compatible with Adobe acrobat PDF format.

Q: How can I be sure it's safe to order online from your website? The checkout page is on a secure server, we are a Verisign-trusted site (verifying our identity, location and virus-free status) and we've been online with a reputation of uncompromisable integrity for almost 10 years.

Q: How do I order the program? The fastest way to get the program is on the order page here: www.BurnTheFat.com/order.html.

Disclaimer: Most of these results are NOT typical. Unless you are a very hard-working high-achiever, you probably will not lose as much weight and fat as the women pictured above, especially if you are not starting at a very heavy bodyweight (it IS common for very large women to lose more weight than smaller women). However, all these results are REAL. We certify that all these results are from actual Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program users, the results have been reported accurately to the best of our knowledge, their progress was carefully documented each week and the photos were un-retouched and date-verified proving that these results took place in only 49 days. Weight and body fat results were self-measured and self-reported so we cannot veryify these numbers from first-hand experience. Full Testimonials and results Disclaimer

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