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Mom Confronts Her Love/Hate Relationship
With Food and Exercise
To Lose Belly Fat

Mother of Two Finds Time to Burn the FatMany people who struggle to lose weight have a love/hate relationship with both food and exercise. That was certainly true for Raelene, a mother of two young children under the age of four. She developed that pouch of belly fat after giving birth to her children, and she just couldn’t get rid of it for two main reasons: she loved food and she hated exercise.

So, she finally decided to do something about it. She joined Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat challenge, a semi-annual online body transformation contest, which helps people develop a new lifestyle by embracing healthy eating and exercise.

Incorporating both of these elements helps people burn fat and gain muscle, thereby transforming their body composition from less fat into more lean muscle.

Loving Food and Hating Exercise

Raelene loved food, especially the bad kind. It was obvious she needed to stop eating unhealthy foods and start eating more healthy ones, but she really didn’t know what specific steps she should take to make a noticeable change.

She also didn’t enjoy exercise, and beyond doing cardio, she had no idea what else she could do to improve the look of her body. So she researched more about Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat program and found three of his amazing products.

“The Holy Grail Transformation Program” audio tapes

Raelene listened to The Holy Grail tapes and found them very motivational and informative. They gave her the tools she needed to succeed in the challenge by providing her with the information she was lacking.

“I was not previously familiar with carb cycling, and I would not have known to eat a substantial carb/protein meal just after doing a weight session to aid in muscle growth and recovery. Plus, I certainly never knew I needed to eat protein at every meal.”

“Tom Venuto taught me that you cannot lose fat and gain muscle at [exactly] the same time. You need to split your weights and cardio sessions, limit your weight sessions to four a week, rotate between heavier short rep lifting and longer rep moderate weight lifting, and limit cardio sessions to three.”

Raelene’s exercise program consisted of both weight lifting and cardio. She completed 4 x 60 minute weight sessions a week, two upper and two lower body. Initially, she completed three cardio sessions (ranging from 21 – 50 minutes) a week. She increased her cardio to five sessions at one point to train for a charity run. After the race, she continued with five sessions, but decreased their duration.

“Foods that Burn Fat” and “Foods That Turn to Fat” books

Raelene learned a lot about healthy eating from Tom’s “Foods that Burn Fat” and “Foods That Turn to Fat” books.

“I didn’t appreciate the importance of eating carbs, or the importance of eating the right carbs (and the right foods in general). After reading Tom’s books, I now know the foods that I should be eating, the proportions I should be eating, the foods I shouldn’t be eating, the foods that are okay if the right types are eaten, and the quantity I should be eating.”

While Raelene weighed and counted all her food throughout the competition (including calories, carbs, protein and fat), she admits that she won’t be doing that going forward. After measuring her foods for so many weeks, she now feels she has a good indication of the amount of foods she should be consuming just by looking at the foods with her eyes. While this is not exact, it can be accomplished if done with care.

Extra Support

“A big factor in helping me succeed in the challenge was my husband,” Raelene says proudly. “He also participated in the challenge, so I had someone to exercise with, take my measurements, and give me support. And while we didn’t always eat together at night, due to our training schedule, or eat the same meals, it helped that we were eating healthy together and there were no chocolates, etc. in the house.”

“It was also encouraging to hear my 3-year-old daughter talk about ‘doing our exercises.’ We would put my 1-year-old to bed at midday and go downstairs together to exercise. It has been a great lesson for her, especially as she has never seen mum do exercise before.”

“Having two young children and being a full-time mum means I get very little time to myself. That makes it difficult to find time to exercise, prepare meals and count calories. Plus, it often leaves me feeling guilty that I have not given them enough time in the day. But I’m glad I took the Burn the Fat challenge, as I now have more energy to do things with my children, and I’m sure they will appreciate this, too.”

So Long, Belly Fat

Raelene set herself a goal at the beginning of the Burn the Fat challenge to get to 18% body fat. She started off with little expectations. Frankly, she really didn’t know what to expect.

In the end, she was pleasantly surprised at her belly fat loss because she exceeded her expectations!

  • She lost 16lbs
  • 9 inches off her waist
  • 6˝ inches off her hips
  • and a total of 11.27% body fat (down from 25.16% to 13.89%)

Plus, she now has muscle definition in her back, arms and thighs and muscle where she never thought possible—in her stomach.

“No matter where I place in the competition, I consider myself a winner,” Raelene said proudly. “I am looking forward to living my new healthy lifestyle.”

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