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6 Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle Principles
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Shelly before & afterShelly had read Tom Venuto’s book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle several years ago and had achieved an astounding weight loss by following its principles.

“Everything I read made sense. I could see exactly what I had to do, and I did it. Using Tom's advice, I got down to 23% body fat, 78 kgs (172 lbs) and was looking and feeling great.”

But over time, she lost her edge and gained her weight back. “I had become lazy with my eating, and I decided one day that it was time to get out of my rut.

I had all the knowledge I needed in the form of BFFM, but I knew what I also really needed was a way to break the bad habits and form some solid new ones.” That’s where the BFFM Summer Challenge came in.

Using Tom’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle principles and the summer challenge, Shelly was able to turn some of her negative traits into positive ones:

  1. Spontaneity: “I have always been a spontaneous person, taking on life changes without much thought or planning. Often, spontaneity has been a weakness of mine, leading me to live much of my life without clear goals, direction or discipline.

    Ultimately, it enabled me to give in to the lure of comforting, but fattening foods. ‘Oh well, it doesn't matter’ has been a well-worn philosophy of mine. However, joining the Summer Challenge was a last minute, spontaneous decision, which ended up being an excellent choice.”
  2. Attitude: The BFFM Summer Challenge literally “challenged” Shelly to abandon her careless, live-for-the-moment attitude. When the contest started, she weighed just over 88 kgs (194 lbs). Not long before that she was at an all-time high of 94 kgs (207 lbs). Shelly felt horrible. She was struggling to fit into all of her clothes.

    Dressing for work every day was becoming depressing. She felt self-conscious, heavy, unfit and unattractive [her words]. Then she decided, “something had to change, the change had to be big, and it had to start NOW.”
  3. Fat Loss Diet and Exercise Program: Although she still managed to be an active person, enjoying lifting weights in the gym, training kickboxing several times a week, and riding her horse daily, her diet was letting her down.

    Shelly was eating too much of the wrong things, as do many people who struggle with their weight. “At my very worst, I would drop in at the shops every day after work and buy a pack of corn chips and a jar of salsa and eat the whole lot on the couch when I got home.

    Then, I realized it was time to go back to the system I knew worked.” During the last five weeks of the BFFM Summer Challenge, she was super disciplined with her eating and she was back on full burners, losing body fat and gaining lean mass. Her clothes were becoming looser, and she was feeling lighter.
  4. Clear Goals: “Joining the challenge forced me to set some clear goals, create a plan and work it every day of every week for 14 weeks. The first five weeks of my challenge had some ups and downs, but overall my progress was good. I established good daily habits for preparing my food in advance, and eating set meals each day. I was steadily losing body fat and building a little lean muscle mass each week.”
  5. Shelly flexing

  6. Confidence: During the challenge, Shelly went overseas and eventually she succumbed to a lack of confidence and self-consciousness. “I just had trouble saying no to others, to stand up for my own health. Luckily however, in the end I didn't fare too badly. I did manage to keep up a fair level of activity, and although I gained some body fat back, I also gained lean body mass. If it wasn't for my improved attitude to food since commencing the challenge, things could have been a lot worse.

    Best of all, I looked at myself and didn't feel ashamed. Coming to the end of the challenge was something of a shock in the end. I realized that before the challenge I had lost the vision of myself as a fit, healthy, attractive person. I had lost faith in myself. Completing each week of the challenge renewed my belief in myself, my ability to achieve whatever I commit to, and the belief that I can be the vibrant, fit, beautiful person that I want to be.”
  7. Life-Changing Effects: “I wish everyone could experience the life-changing effects of following the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle principles,” says Shelly. “I hope I can be a living example of how well it works, not just as a Summer Challenge participant, but for the rest of my life.

    Thank you to all the BFFM team, and most of all to Tom Venuto for giving us all the knowledge, motivation, inspiration, and encouragement to take part in the change of our lives. Personally, I can't wait for the next BFFM Challenge to begin!”

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