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Hey Tom! This is Christin in Hixson, Tennessee. I ordered BFFM and received it on Thursday 8-22. I have not been able to put the book down!

I have never been a big reader but every chance at work I bury my nose in it. Also when I get home I find a comfy spot and dive into it, usually spending 3-4 hours reading. I can't wait to get started.

I have followed every step very easily. It is so easy to comprehend. I've been confused for years about fitness and nutrition (way too much information and b.s.) and now it all makes perfect sense. It has cleared up so much confusion.

I am so thankful that I found your web site and became a subscriber to your BFS newsletter so I would have the chance to get this wonderful manual. It is the final word in nutrition and fitness I will ever need.

These teachings of yours have shown me a perfect path to my most sought after goals. I have confidence now and I am on my way to my ultimate goal of an awesome body for life (one I have always wanted and wanted to keep).

Christin Howard
Hixson, TN


I just finished reading your manual --couldn't put it down-- and was very impressed! Finally, I found someone who has a no nonsense approach to nutrition and fitness.

Plus, the added bonus lies in the fact that you put together the magic formula... the mind and body connection. Most people don't realize that in order to succeed you have to visualize it...really want it...and then work hard for it.

Unfortunately there are often more people who unconsciously give up before they begin, than those who persevere.


Wanda Goss
East Stroudsburg, PA


WOW! I can't think of enough superlatives to describe your BFFM fat burning guide. I'm sort of an information junkie, so I've read at least a couple dozen books on training and nutrition. Your BFFM guide is - by far - the most comprehensive and straightforward.

In one volume, you've managed to instruct, motivate and inspire. What struck me most was your emphasis on the psychology of training and weight loss (especially the chapter on goal-setting).

Most of the books I've read cover the mechanics of nutrition and/or training in detail, but don't really motivate readers to apply that knowledge... and certainly not toward a specific goal..

I especially appreciated all the information on determining calorie needs, planning workouts, creating a daily menu, etc. Yeah, it was a bit of work to crunch numbers and write out a few days' worth of menus, but it really kept me engaged.

As I worked through each chapter, your manual became a personalized workbook (it's now covered with yellow highlighter, red underlining, and mathematical calculations in the margins. I may need to order a second copy soon, just to have room for additional notes!).

Sounds like several of your BFFM readers had a hard time putting your guide down. Add me to that list. I've taken a bit of teasing from my friends and my husband ("You're reading that thing AGAIN?"). I can't help myself. I find it very motivating. Plus, it's so full of information that it'll take me several readings just to absorb most of it!

I'm so impressed, Tom. And I'm so glad i bit the bullet and invested in your guide. It's worth every penny - and then some!

P.S. - I can't think of a single thing you'd want to add or change. As a freelance editor, that's the highest compliment i can pay you!

Heather Munro
Minneapolis, MN


I have been working out steady for about a year and a half now. I've purchased all the books by all the fitness "gurus" and I have all the videos too, plus with all the web surfing and the magazines I read I always felt like I knew enough to get me where I wanted to be - but I never could.

It's just like you said - most of the information is conflicting if not more than a little confusing and all the latest and greatest "programs" are not complete or thorough enough so you really end up just guessing. This is what I believe has lead me to plateau - time after time - at that last 10 lbs. and then to eventually start regaining all I had previously lost.

I always had this wish when I looked thru Flex and M&F that one of the real experts would put it all out there, lay it on the line, share with us "wannabe's" the complete process it takes to get from bulky to ripped. Then by accident, I found your book - my wish had come true!

Never before have I ever read anything that comes close to the BFFM manual. I understand so much more now, I feel that I finally have the tools and the knowledge that I need to become my personal best. This book is by far the best investment I've made, it beats all the others hands down. I'm looking forward to reaching goal after goal after goal. Thank you again and again.

Denise Boyce
Irving, TX



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