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I just wanted to say what a remarkable job you did in writing BFFM. Everything is laid out in plain terms that anyone can understand.

I've read volumes of information on nutrition, exercise, etc., including Lee Labrada, Keith Klein, Frank Zane, Shawn Phillips and Bill Phillips, Clarence Bass, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and more.

I firmly believe BFFM filled in all the missing gaps and will help me reach my goal. I just thought I'd sent out a "Thank You" to someone who has helped me along the way.

Dale Waller
Rolla, MO


I am 28 years old and in the past few years I've been lifting and doing some cardio regularly, working my way back to the lean 155 pound physique I had before college. I managed to get back to around 165 lbs from 195 on my own, but then found myself stuck at that weight for months even though I was working out regularly.

I started BFFM in early October and the results were immediate. My energy level was higher from the first day on, and with increasing my cardio to your recommendations and maintaining my weight training, the fat loss was immediate as well.

Before I knew it I was under 160 lbs, so I knew something was going on. I have now reached 152 while maintaining all my lean mass mass.I figured that my ideal weight was around 150 and I am surprised that I am almost there so soon. I still have work to do and now plan on building back up to 157 of lean muscle.

I have recommended this program to a number of people, mostly because they notice the results and ask, or they notice that I eat all the time at work and ask.

Thanks again for putting together this program and making this information available to the public. The results have been incredible, the program is excellent and the approach is straight-forward and honest.


Marcus Boyle
Powell, OH


I purchased your BFFM book and I just wanted to say it's OUTSTANDING, literally. I wish I could find a better word to really describe how awesome the whole book is because I feel like 'outstanding' isn't good enough. All the information in this book is so truthful, motivational, excellent, powerful and the integrity is awesome.

You are a man after my own heart Tom. There are so few people of your integrity, honesty and committment to helping others. I am so glad I came across your website. It's nice to know that there are people like you still out there. You are a great role model.

Finding the truth, and someone willing to share it - and be fair about the price - is a rare gem in my experience. But above all and worth more than what you know or share with others Tom, is your integrity. Integrity means everything and to me is what makes you stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Thank you - I wish I would have come across your website years ago.

Charles Ennis
Shepherdscille, KY


A great read. I love the way you simplified everything for us laymen.

Lewis Wolk
President, A to Z Fitness.Com



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