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Hi Tom: This is not a completed sucess yet, but it is a progress report. I bought your e-book because I thought it was a workout book. Litle did I know it was primarily a nutrition book.

I read through it and applied it and it is working for me! In the short time that I have used it I have already LOST 40 POUNDS. I gave my self til January 1 2007 to lose 70 pounds I think I will make it by April (not bad for an "old man huh?")

I cant thank you enough for turning my life around!!!!!!!!!

sigmund Penkunas


Although I never had a weight problem, I also never had a clue about nutrition. I ate irregularly (many times forgot to eat) and had symptoms of post-prandial lethargy that caused me to wonder if I was pre-diabetic.

I found through Tom's book that I simply ate the "wrong" foods, and at the wrong times. Now I feel solid, and as a 747 pilot, I feel that my energy reserves are now where they should be. I got so motivated from this, in fact, I also began an on-line degree studying nutrition.

Neer Berchik
Hong Kong


Five years ago, I weighed 279 lbs on a 5' 9" frame. i was a fat slob!!! I tried Xenical... The guy that invented that stuff should be drowned in a bathtub of cheap whiskey! There is no love, happiness or long term success in a pill!

The only thing that Xenical will do for you is give you hours of work cleaning your car seat when that hideous stuff kicks in!

The solution? Well... don't eat that chocolate cake, push aside the ice cream and get off your fat butt and eat right, drink plenty of water and exercise. If I can lose the weight, you can too

You would also be very wise to get Tom's BURN THE FAT e-book for guidance, as he has it together!

Life is a zero sum game. Stop the excuses, sweat, and claim the success!

Sid Rubinfeld
middle village, NY


Tom, I just want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. You have completely turned around my life.

I had been an overweight child ever since I was 8. Over the years my weight ballooned up to 250 at the age of 15! I finally came to the point in my life where I was sick and tired of looking at myself in the mirror and decided it was time for a change in my lifestyle. While I was searching for a solution I came across your site. I quickly subscribed to your newsletter and purchased your e-book.

I started your diet in October of 2004 and over the course of a year I lost 80 lbs! I went from 250 to 170. My shirt size as gone from a 2XL to a L and my waist has gone from 40'' to 32''. I am now 16 and now that I have lost the fat that was on my body I am starting a program to gain more muscle.

I don't think I ever would have lost my weight if it weren't for you. I used to look at diets on TV and wonder if they would work for me. After reading your book and following your program, I believe weight watchers and Jenny craig, or Dr. Bernstein would of never worked for me. Their programs set a standard of what everyone should do regardless of their body type. Your nutritional program really engages people as an individual.

I have learned it is not about a "diet," it is about a lifestyle and thanks to you I now have a healthy one. Thanks again Tom.

PS: I hope you also consider writing an e-book on gaining muscle.

Sean Molinaro



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