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Tom, your book was exactly what I needed. I reached my goal a month earlier, and now I am going on for my goal #2. You are an inspiration and you made me a better woman, wife and mom. I have more energy then ever, I look and am healthy and my doctor even said "Wow!"

Thank you Tom. I will recommend your book to everyone that has been yo yo dieting like me.

Katja Story


I purchased your book a few months back and although I admit I had some doubts as to its true worth, I reasoned that if I could get out of it even a small amount of valuable information I'd consider the investment worthwhile. Well, to say that I was surprised by what I found inside its pages is the understatement of century.

Tom, your book is an absolute jewel worth more than three times the price I paid for it. There isn't a single page in it where I didn't find a piece of information that I couldn't use. As if that wasn't enough, your newsletter e-mails continue to enlighten and educate. I am sixty five years old and have been involved in sports for more than a half a century.I was a professional cyclist for eight years in my native Spain and I'm not a newcomer to the rigors of physical training.

I recenly got a certification as a personal trainer just for the heck of it and have set up in my house a pretty complete gym where even a hardcore bodybuilder could go through a workout and not miss anything. Now that I have added your book to my arsenal of "equipment" I can say that I don't need anything else except, of course, your much appreciated e-mails.

Thanks for your contribution to those of us who are seeking information that has meaning and substance. Keep up the good work.I wish you the best of health and much happiness in your life.

P.S. I forgot to mention that following your instructions, I was able to drop seven stubborn pounds of fat that had been tormenting me for the last five years. My body fat is now at 8% and can once again see my "six pack".Thanks again, Tom.

Jose Luis
Miami, FL


I have been working out properly for about 3 years, but still, I always had too much body fat. I was hovering around 18%, with most of the fat confined to my gut. I was strong, but never quite looked how I wanted.

After getting on the diet described in Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, I made my first real commitment to losing body fat and now after 6 months I am at 6% body fat, 156lbs with a GREAT 6-PACK, and no loss in strength or muscle mass.


Giles Smith
Witshire, UK


One morming 2 1/2 years ago I got on the scale and almost fainted when I realized I was weighing 270 lbs! It hit me like a hammer! How could I possible have become this fat over the years? My size 42 jeans were tight - and I looked like a walross! At age 45 I was dangerously overweight and a prime candiadte for cardio vascular health problems! I urgently had to get back into shape and stay in shape! Many times before I had attempted to lose weight by dieting, always gaining back the pounds I painfully lost. Thus I needed a new approach!

Armed with the motivation to get on a body renovation mission I started researching the Internet for a method that would allow me to get back and stay in shape. Soon enough I realized that what I needed was to loose fat not just simply weight. The parameter to look after was Body Fat not BMI. Eventualy I stumbeld accros the BFL philosophy which at the beginning sounded promising. Soon enough though, I realized that, like many other programs, this one was also designed to promote and sell expensive suplements and shakes.

Although the BFL program helped me to get back into the discipline of exercising regularly I needed a more scientific, natural approach that DID NOT promote the consumption of "miracle" suplements and shakes. Since my goal was to burn fat and eventualy regain muscle, this is how I ran into BFFM. I must addmit that given my previous experience with some of these so called "revolutionary" programs, I initialy was sceptic about BFFM. Still I wanted to find out what I was about and subscribed to the newsletter to further evaluate Tom's philosophy on burning fat and feeding the muscle. Soon enough I was hooked! This was the right, non-bs approach for me - so I went ahead and bought and downloaded Tom's book. Today I must say that it has been one of my best investments ever!

By using every piece of advice contained in his book and bonus reports I was able to completely change my lifestyle. I combined Tom's book with personal motivation and spiritual literature to also nurture the sprit, mind and heart (to completely "sharpen my saw"), and combined all of these ingredients into one single custom made program which I baptised "Lean & Strong", to give it a personal feel and touch and keep me motivated.

Tom's book and advice along with regular exercise and a reasonable nutritional program and a healthy lifestyle, have so far help me to burn almost 16 % of bodyfat (from 23% to currently 7% and going) and reduce my weight by 100 lbs (from 270 to currently 170)!

Today, at almost 47, I am more toned than I was in my 20's. I am finally able to see my abs for the first time in my life; I look, feel and perform 15 years younger (and my wife loves it). I exercise between 3 and 6 times per week with at least 3 cardio sessions and 3 - 4 strength workouts. My aerobic threshold has risen by 10 points since I started and I truely feel "lean and strong".

My nutrition contains almost exclusivley what Tom calls "Grade A and B foods"and my beloved beer has become an ocacional delicacy instead of a regular drink.

My friends are astonished with my transformation and are now seeking more and more advice from me, to the point that I have been asked to lecture on "my method". All of this thanks to BFFM, which continues to be my "health bible" along with all the other incredible resources Tom has been publishing in his follow up newsletters lately.

Although at the end of the day success depends on your own comittment to the mission you have stated to acomplish, I must truly say that BFFM provided me with the no nonsense approach to a healthy lifestyle without having to resort to the myriad of useless and expensive miracle drugs, pills, suplements, formulas, shakes and fad diet programs promoted by so called gurus.

My "lean & stong" mission is not over yet and hopefully soon I will be able to report that I have reached my bodyfat goal of peaking at 3%, then continue feeding the"growing and hungry" muscle!

Erik Steinberg
Costa Rica



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