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For a long time, I always thought of myself as just a "big framed guy." I always wore extra large shirts and big coats. But finally, in March of 2005, when my weight hit 235 lbs, I decided I had had enough. That's when I went searching on the net for something to help me lose weight.

Somehow, I came across www.burnthefat.com and I was blown away by all the testimonials, so I decided to give it a shot.

Well as I write this, it is now December 2005 and I have dropped from 235 lbs to 175 lbs! My body fat dropped from above 25% down to about 14%. I was in 42-30 dress pants and now I'm fitting comfortably in 34-30. do the math, thats a big change!

I am also in 32-30 jeans across the board (even Levi's regular fit). I am even going to have to get my high school class ring, that was sized for me in the eleventh grade, taken down so it wont fall of my hand.

The best change of all is that my self confidence, which was non-existent before, is now through the roof. I can't thank you enough Tom, for this change I have made in my appearance and my life.

David Miller


Dear Tom:

Hey I had to tell you my story about using your Burn The Fat Feed The muscle (BFFM) program. I felt that I owe it to you. I'm 28 and I have been working out on regular basis since I was 16. In the beginning I was a weak, skinny, fatty teenager, and with a lot of determination and will power over the years, I developed a nice body shape compared to regular guys around me.

The thing is that even though I was in "nice" shape, I never got to the point where I looked awesome like the guys in the fitness magazines. There was always that damn fat layer around my stomach that didn't let me reach the "WOW" point when you look yourself in the mirror (and other people look at you). No matter how many crunches and ab exercises I did, it just wouldn't disappear and I never had anything beyond an ordinary look.

I have read a lot on the internet about training and nutrition and thought that I knew a lot about bodybuilding and related topics. I always stayed around 186 lbs over the years with good eating habits, but I didn't understand why I didn't have the abs the way I wanted or the great shape in general.

Then for year and a half I didn't train at all due to school and professional life. Even though I kept eating as clean and healthy as possible, my body fat went up and I hit 203lbs at my heaviest. Two weeks after starting the gym again, I was searching online for fat burning pills and I found your website. Well, at first, I thought you were just another clown that used steroids and decided put up a website telling people what they wanted to hear just to sell your book. As skeptical as I was, I bought it anyway because I said to myself, "I've blown more money than this on useless stuff, but what if this is the real dea? I'm just going to give it a shot and find out for myself whether its a scam.

As soon as I started reading, you immediately got my attention. After finishing the book, I was in shock! It was awesome to know that anyone, no matter what their body type or starting point, could get in shape with this information. There is no excuse why if you follow the guidelines you won't get in shape, maybe the best shape of your life. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is my fitness bible now.

I discovered that I knew some of the things you talked about , but I still wasn't using them because I didn't understand the concept behind it and why it was important to do it. I think that is one of the most important things I learned from your book - the WHY behind the what to do. I also learned a lot of new information that I now apply in my life and is giving me the results that I always wanted.

I was telling a friend about your program and I explained it in a funny way what your book was doing for me so that they could realate to it and understand it: I said that getting the body of your dreams is like getting the car of your dreams (mine is a Ferrari). Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle is like getting that car, but the catch is you are given all the parts and you have to build it from scratch. Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle is the manual that shows you how to put it all together.

It takes time and there's no magic pill you can take to get that car built without work. It takes time but if you follow the guidelines in the manual, and stick to the plan, you are guaranteed to get that Ferrari built. Like I always say, "Everything in life has a price and if you want it you have to pay for it, there is no shortcut." In this case, like you said it is simple but not easy, but at least there is a way.

I am proof. I'm 6' tall and in four months, I went from 203lbs with 15% BF to 182lbs and 9% BF... and that's just so far. My ultimate goal is to get to around 195 lbs with 5% BF, and I have no doubt in my mind that following BFFM I will get there, it just a matter of time and doing the right thing.

I know you recommend other books besides BFFM, but I think yours is the best. Thank you very much for creating BFFM - it changed my life. Feel free to use this message in your testimonials Tom. God bless you man.

P.S. : A word of advise to all those who already has the ebook, do all the things the way Tom says to do them, according to your goals, be patient, and don't forget to use cardio on empty stomach in the morning as your secret weapon - I found that it really makes a huge difference. Sorry for any spelling mistakes. I'm from Venezuela and now living in the U.S.A. for the last 3 years. ;)

Johann Vivas



Let me take just a minute to thank you for your book. My work keeps me pretty sedentary during the day and, at 46, I found myself with high blood pressure, problems with stress, and about 30 pounds of extra fat. I was coming off the low carb diet merry go round of quick weight loss followed by quicker regain, and had started popular Diet program when I saw a comparison review of diet / fitness plans that touted your Burn The Fat as a superior plan.

I was seeing progress after about three weeks, but the oversimplification factor of the program I was on was bothering me. I found it difficult to keep track of exactly how well I was doing on the diet side, so, although I could see some improvement in muscle tone and size, I wasn't seeing any weight loss or visual decrease in body fat.

Your book floored me with its simplicity and commitment to hard facts. You made me realize that I needed to get past the gimmicks, dig in, and work seriously on planning a program that is optimized for me and would take me through the long haul.

I just completed my 10th week on your program, and am very pleased with progress. I put together some spreadsheets to track and calculate all the stats. Here are current results compared to starting stats:

Weight: 201 lbs
Resting Heart Rate: 78
Blood Pressure: 145/92
Percent Body Fat: 22.2%
Lean body mass: 156.4 lbs
basal metabolic rate: 1905.9 cal/day

Body weight: 189.6 lbs
Resting heart rate: 58 bpm
Blood pressure: 132/80
Percent body fat: 12.7%
Lean body mass: 165.5 lbs
Basal metabolic rate: 1995.3 cal/day

It's pretty dramatic. As you can see, I've lost 20 pounds of fat and gained 9 pounds of muscle, for a net loss of about 11 pounds (an avg of -1.04 lbs/wk). I couldn't be happier!

Dan (last name withheld by request)
Marietta, GA



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