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Dear Tom

Perhaps you would like to hear my story from the UK. I am aged 72 and was originally weighing in at about 240 lbs and am 5ft 9ins. In October 2004 I started dieting by cutting my calorie intake and went down to 218 lbs and stayed there on a plateau up to about March 2005. I then bought your book, took it all in, did all the calculations on BMI and body fat % by also downloading "Weight by date Pro" and without working out (just using your nutrition plan), took off another 23 lbs.

I am still taking in the same number of calories but am now having 5+ meals a day all of which are high protein - and the lbs are still coming off, BUT I am now working out three times a week. Last week I went up 1 lb which must be muscle because I have a negative calorie deficiency of about 5/6000 calories a week and I don't think it can be anything else.

I still have another 28 lbs to lose to hit my goal weight of 165, but my Body Mass Index (BMI) has already shifted from 32 to 23! It is sufficient to say I now look and feel great, look years younger and am very active.

You have completely turned my life around and my friends can't believe it - so I am now your greatest fan here. Your book of 14 years of experience in dieting and bodybuilding beats them all! Thank you.

David Stone


Thank you for being truly a professional in your approach to educating your readers on diet and exercise. I have read most all the mainstream books on the market on nutrition as a former collegiate athlete and triathlete. Books like, "The Zone", "The Zone Made Simple" along with all the high and low carb diet books on the market and I must say your materials far exceed anything I have purchased before. And I have purchased a lot! The information you provide has proven to be accurate and verifiable as well as easy to read and simple to follow. Had I discovered your information first I could have saved myself a lot of money through the years.

As a pastor of a Christian church I find myself dealing with the dietary struggles of men and women, young and old like never before. Your programs have become the basis for a new ministry I am beginning to assist many in our church family and community who struggle in the area's of exercise and nutrition. The ministry is called "Spirit, Soul, and Body" as the focus is from the inside out... and is based on the concept you have taught me... Proper nutrition, cardio training, and resistance training equal results... Your techniques work because of that premise... Inside... out. I just want you to know I recommend your site to many people and I wish you nothing but the best. Thanks again Tom... keep up the great work you are doing. You are helping to make a difference... one life at a time!

Mike Ostheimer
Calvary Chapel Westbrook, Bakersfield


Dear Tom,

Let me just add my testimonial to your method along with the thousands of satisfied clients on your program. If followed with diligence there is NO WAY it won't work.

I actually purchased your book after I had been on a weight training/fitness programme for about 5 months. I was doing all the right stuff already. During that time I lost 15% body fat. I've had people see me and not recognise me, even though nobody could call me "fat" to start with. Thing is, that my body fat was literally disguising my true shape, which turned out to be pretty good. I stand about 5'11'' tall and have progressed, to quote Krista Scott-Dixon, from "gym dork" to "gym diva".

During the first 3 months I followed the advice of a personal trainer who pretty much put me on the BFL diet, though the training side differed considerably. Although I got stunning results up to the end of the 3rd month, when I felt that I was starting to stand still in the "gaining lean body mass" department. This was when I started researching everything like a maniac.

I purchased several publications and read and read. All of them stated pretty much the same thing based on the latest research. I wasn't consuming enough carbs for my bodytype (am lucky enough to be predominantly mesomorph) and I was just terrified of gaining back bodyfat that I lost so couldn't take the leap. Your e-book was a total confirmation that I could do that, PROVIDED it was done the right way.

I have since then grown bigger, visibly so and in all the right places, and gained no bodyfat. I even stopped taking any supplementation (like creatine, methoxy, GLA and glutamine) and made great progress nevertheless!

Also, now that I was monitoring my food intake for the right balance, I realised that the expensive supplementation I was doing with whey protein was also unnecessary. I now only take the required grams when my work day is so hectic that I do not have the time for cooking "regular" food.

Your e-book is the natural way, and that's what appealed to me. Also, the principle of hard work, coupled with PATIENCE, is what pays off - and you do not make empty promises of overnight success.

I am hooked on weight training for life, though I still hate to call myself a "bodybuilder" - I admit, there's that stigma, and I'm a woman. Also, I don't compete either, and have no intention of doing so! I have also met too many bodybuilders (not just the couch potatoes!) that want those overnight results. They dose up on the steroids, don't train or eat right - and suffer the consequences.

Finally, there is one very important aspect in which your book stands out amongst those I've read. You do NOT use a general one-size-fits-all approach, taking into account that no two bodies respond the same way - your definition and advice on different body types provide me with invaluable insight.

Colleen Van Rooyen



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