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Dear Tom,

It's difficult to put into words how crucial your book has been for me to turn my life around. Seriously, thanks to you I will never know how close I have been to a serious cardiovascular problem, diabetes and countless other illnesses. I had powerful motivation and wanted to do something about it, but without "Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle", I would have wasted my energy and given up through lack of knowledge and consequent lack of results.

From the moment I started reading I was hooked. There is so much information in your book that I could not take it all in in one evening (although I read late into the night), but I decided to start immediately anyway, thinking that it was better to DO IT and correct my mistakes later than to studiously learn all the details for weeks without practising anything. I was at it the next morning, running outside... I who never did cardio... such is the effect of your writing.

BFFM is inspirational, every paragraph rings true, your knowledge creates faith in the process and belief in the outcome. Even though I have never been superfit, I now know how to get there, and I have absolutely no doubt that I will indeed get there. Actually, I am not even that far now!

The figures are impressive. At my worst I weighed 91kg (200.2lbs) for 5'8" and while I was not equipped for measuring my body fat percentage then, later measurements suggest I must have been well over 25%. Six months later, I now weigh 76.5kg , or about 30lbs less. But more importantly, my body composition has changed for the better. I am around 9.5% measured body fat! Oh and by the way... I am 41 years old. So this may also give hope to the over-40 crowd. Age is really just a number, and has nothing to do with it!

I am also certain that I have discarded more than 30lbs of fat, because I am a lot more muscular. My arms were getting flabby, now they are hard as steel. And the bumps of my abs are starting to show (it's still faint, but it's there - the top four bumps anyway - the six-pack is on the way!). I am not getting huge muscle gains because I am "cutting" rather than "bulking" but I am gaining, and I am certainly getting definition at a speed I would not have believed possible before I discovered BFFM.

It's not just about looking good either. My resting heart rate has dropped from 67 beats per minute to 54. I feel better, I sleep better, I enjoy life more, I love eating right, I see exercising in a new light that makes it a real pleasure, even when it's hard. In fact I LOVE when it's hard. In short, the mind/body connection was broken, you have fixed it for me. Or to put it even better, you have given me the tools to fix it and thanks to these tools, I now know that I will not, ever, go back to my old shape. It's not even difficult. I am making progress each day, each second, even now as I write, and these countless little positive steps all add up to something unstoppable. Tom... some people who used to be embarassed for me about my weight and did not dare to mention it, now ask me for nutritional advice and training information!

I believe that you have allowed me to extend my life by at least ten years, perhaps decades. I became a father late in life and now I can be around a lot longer to see my little boy grow up. How do I say thank you for this Tom, there are no words. It's a gift that I value more than I can express. If I was not on another continent, I would already have visited your gym to thank you in person. But even then, it would be beyond words.

Vince Chesnay
London, UK


Hello Tom,

My name is Rachel Seay. I own a company called Guava Fitness, which provides resources for Fitness Professionals and more specifically Group Fitness Instructors. I got a copy of your book and could not put it down. I am a student at the University of British Columbia in my fourth year study kinesiology and trust me i read a lot of garbage and was certainly refreshed when i read your book! I am reading it for the second time and really trying to ingrain some stuff in my head. I am very skeptical of health and fitness books but this one is a keeper and I think everyone should read it.

I have contact with many people because of the work I do and I work at many facilities. I would like to talk to you about purchasing manuals and selling them at seminars and workshops we host to our members and instructors. I get so many questions from my aerobics participants that they want to lose this and lose that but they don't know how and they want an easy answer! I say, "Go buy Tom's book - it is great!" I want everyone I know to have a copy of it!

By the way, I have been putting everything into use myself and have lost 17 pounds and 4% body fat and that is huge because as a fitness instructor I do so much exercise already, but never saw results like this and now it is amazing. Keep up the good work.

Very Sincerely,

Rachel Seay
Guava Fitness Company
BC, Canada


Thanks for such a great book and common sense program. I have always been an active person with exercise. I have never been really overweight, I just wanted to look stronger and lose the 1 1/2 inch roll on my gut. My goal was, by June 1st to see my Abs, and guess what! I see them!

Your program started for me 10 weeks ago. I weighed 181 lbs at 5' 11" tall. My body fat at that time was 34 lbs with 147 lean mass. After 10 weeks on your eating plan with protein and carbs, cardio training and lifting weights, I have dropped to a total weight of 165 lbs. Using the Accu-measure, I now have a hip measurement of less than 1 mm. My body fat is now about 8 lbs vs the 34 lbs when I started, and my lean mass is 157 vs the 147.

Thanks so much for your book. It has helped me out of my past program of starving myself and not having energy for anything. Your program is the only way to do it. It is simply hard work and discipline with goals.

I am very disciplined when it comes to a goal. Sure I love the goods things in life, M&Ms, Chocolate chip cookies and all the other hazards, but I also understood by reading your book, what it takes to get to where I am at now: Look the other way! Grab an apple! Treat yourself with a goodie once or twice a week. But every time I am tempted, the first thing that comes to my mind is my goals.

One another note: As far as supplements, the only thing I used, was whey protein, once in morning in my oatmeal. It's just like you said - all you need is is real food.

My family use to laugh and make sport of me, when I would get out of bed at 4:45 AM and say to myself, "45 minutes from now I will be that much leaner." Now my wife is on your program and loving it.

Scott Malmstrom



I would like to share with you my results so far using the BFFM program. Five years ago I was 6'3" and 250 lbs sporting a 39" waist, up from 225-230lbs and a 37" waist. I enjoyed eating everything I wanted, my favorite being a bowl of Breyers Vanilla ice cream in bed watching TV before I turned in for the night. Before that I was able to keep the weight off by running. Well, I hit 40 years of age, and the running did not shed the pounds at all. I attribute that to the slowing metabolism that comes withage. I was stuck, frustrated, and fat!

My wife went on Sugar Busters and made some real progress. I hopped on the Sugar Busters bandwagon and dropped to about 230. Through a period of severe anxiety surrounding my marriage, I was able to drop another ten pounds fairly quickly. So there I was at 220 looking for a way to shed some more poundage. I had always harbored a secret ambition to see my abs at least one time in my life, but the few times I picked up the weights, I was only able to stay motivated for about three months before quitting for one reason or another.

Dropping 30 pounds gave me hope that I might be able to keep up the progress to the point that I might at long last see what my abs actually looked like, and at 43 years of age, I figured it was now or never. But how?

Well, sitting at my computer one morning last November, I did a web search using "burn fat" as the prompt and your website came up first. Everything you wrote in your promotion with respect to gimmicks, nutrition, etc., sounded very logical so I bought the e-book. I tend to be skeptical and have a pretty good BS sniffer so your thoughts and comments about supplements, fat burning pills, exercise machines, and what not, rang very true with me, along with your comment about who is in the best position to know how to lose fat in the real world....bodybuilders, i.e, those that have to make their living by being cut.

To make a long story short, I have been applying your methods for six months now. I started at 220 lbs and approximately 16.5% body fat and a 38" waist. I am now at 195 lbs and approximately 9.7% body fat and a 33" waist. I have not weighed less than 200 lbs since before graduating college over 20 years ago! I just reviewed my goal sheet that I wrote when I embarked on the program and noticed that I had written how good I would look in size 34" jeans. Well at that moment in time I happened to be wearing size 32" Levi's so I guess you could say I have exceeded at least one of my goals!

Thanks so much for the guidance and motivation.

PS: You can share this if you want.

Kevin Sullivan
Harrisonburg, Virginia



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