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Tom, I have been following your Fitness Newsletters for a long time. Because of their richness, I have been anxiously awaiting your manual/book. To be honest, after reading your newsletters and gleaning so much from them, I really thought your book would be a compilation of material from the newsletters. I didn't think there would be anything more you could add and I would again have wasted my money on another internet product. Wrong!

Your manual is so rich with practical information for everyday guys like me who want to regain their youthful bodies. Your eating plan recommendations have already begun to work for me. They are easy to adapt. One more thing -- it is so nice to have someone tell me I don't need the latest and greatest pill or potion to regain my physique - just dedication and hard work.

I'm excited because for the first time in years, I feel that I will regain my former appearance and most of all, know how to maintain it. If I ever get to new Jersey, I'm going to stop by your gym - not to work out, but just to shake your hand and give you my personal thanks for your practical guide to fitness.


Allen Johnson
Rochester, NY


This is absolutely the most worthwhile material pertaining to bodybuilding nutrition I have ever had the privilege of reading.

The manual is comprised of every effective strategy for building a lean body, and it empowers the reader to make it happen. The information contained in the manual could only have been acquired from innumerable sources and from countless hours of research, which Venuto has obviously done.

There is one problem, however: With this comprehensive guide now available, those without a lean physique will have nothing to blame but themselves.


Mark Cambria
Staten Island, NY



Tom, your manual is superb. I have now started on my second reading. Some of the information was known to me from before, being a competitive natural bodybuilder (competing against druggies), but it was so rewarding to see everything written down so structured and in a simple and yet intellectual way.

I especially enjoyed the part about the sub-conscious mind and how to motivate yourself. I now have all the information I need to get in super shape for next year's Norweigian championships.

Once again, thanks for the superb book.

Henning Tonnenson (41 years old)
Norweigian Bodybuilding Welterweight & Middleweight Champion


This is a GREAT book! Actually, "great" doesn't do it justice - it's outstanding, awesome, and priceless! BFFM is a great resource, full of NON-BS information that will take any one that applies the principles taught on its pages from fat to lean. I especially appreciate your straightforward approach and directioness when dealing with myths and supplements.

Rick Cartwright
Piqua, OH



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