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Hi Tom,

Dear Tom: I have been reading your book again and again, and again, especially taking on board a lot of the mind techniques you explain in the begining of the book. I have now lost 3 stones since September! I printed a picture of you, and every time I get a demotivating thought in my mind, I just look up at your picture and hear your voice telling me something like "Youre looking great, keep it up." and I'm always right back on track. Best regards.

Dannie Findlay


Hi Tom, I have read and re-read Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle and consider it my bible on nutrition and fitness. I really appreciate your "no hype" position and with so much crap out there, I feel like you're giving it to me straight and I really appreciate that.

Megan Alder


I love your BFFM e-book. It has changed my life! Right before Thanksgiving 2004 I was 185 lbs (6' tall) with about 20% body fat. Not obese or anything, but definitely soft around the middle and having to buy bigger pants, which I did not like at all. My 40th birthday is coming up in May and I made the decision to get into the best shape of my life. I followed your nutrition program along with some workout routines I found on the Internet (heavy weights, low reps) and 35 minutes of HIIT six days a week on the treadmill.

I'm now at 166 lbs and 9.6% body fat (and dropping). I'm starting to see my abs for the first time in my life! My goal is to reach 7% body fat before my birthday (May 2), while maintaining my lean muscle. I've actually managed to gain about 3 lbs of lean muscle mass over the past three months while losing the fat at the same time.

Eric Durbin


Well Tom, I have to hand it to you. There isn't one spec of bad advice in your whole book. You see, I was that guy who went to the gym, ate one big meal a day and wondered why I was still chubby in the sides.

I bought your book purely because of the amount of positive feedback on your website. What you have done is basically tell me things I already knew (wait for it... a compliment is on it's way)... I Knew I should eat smaller, more frequent meals, I knew that fatty and processed foods such as chocolate and cake were bad for me, but I still ate them and I still only ate one meal a day and I was still fat. What your book did was explain WHY!

My ex girlfriend was a dietician, I didnt listen to her. I needed it on a plate (no pun intended!) That's what your book does - it tells you it straight, no "It might, or it would be better if"... it told me that I should eat more meals a day and not starve.

Tom, I've lost 3 kgs in 3 weeks, that's thanks to you (and me of course), and I think im about a month off looking like Brad Pitt in Troy! My body shape is amazing and my fitness is unbelievable. I run for 35 mins for 8 km and my heart stays below 150 (im 21!)

So, if you use this e-mail on your site to promote your book, then that's great because I believe more people need to pay the little amount you charge to change their lives for the better!

A very satisified customer from Surrey, UK

Dominic Fernando
Surrey, UK



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