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Hi Tom,

I'm 37 years old and I have been paralyzed from the neck down for more than 11 years. Due to my level of inactivity, and my total lack of understanding of physiology and nutrition, my weight and eating habits have fluctuated significantly , and been a significant source of frustration. A sequence of events resulted in me looking to the Internet for information/education. It did not take me long before I came across your web site. I read the transcript of an interview you gave and immediately downloaded your book, Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM).

At this stage I had extremely high expectations. I read your book, and my expectations were exceeded. I have been following your programme for some time (not too much focus on the exercise front - as you could imagine), and yesterday evening, my doctor came to dinner, and his immediate response was to comment on how well I was looking. I can honestly say that my health has never been better, and this includes prior to my being paralyzed! I have slimmed down significantly (not sure by how much as I am unable to be weighed).

I came across a quote in a movie I saw a few years ago and I think that it is relevant in all of life, and certainly in relation to your book:

"People think that doing the right thing is very difficult. The reality is that knowing what is the right thing is extremely difficult. Once you know what the right thing is, it is extremely difficult not to do it!"

As a result of your book. I finally know what the right thing is. Many thanks, much appreciated. If you are ever in Cape Town, I would love to share one of my BFFM meals with you.

Joel Miller
South Africa


With the help of your Burn The Fat book, a local Slimming group and a Personal Trainer, I have lost 8 stones in a year and built muscle which I am very proud of. I am 52, but I feel 32. Many thanks,

Ann Quintero
SW Enlgand


Hi Tom: I am 19 years old and a university student in the UK. After reading your Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle (BFFM) program, I'm convinced that it is the "holy grail" that has come at exactly the right time.

Overall to this date I have lost 4 stone 4 lbs. I still have work to do, even though there is a noticable difference. I am fully committed to this plan, and I have never been remotely interested in other fad diets. As mentioned in your book, it is important not to be caught up in fads and stick to a plan for life - all the way.

I would like to thank you for putting forth the effort of composing this e-book. I now have absolutely no doubt in my mind that I will be 100% focused on succeeding and I'll achieve optimum health and the rest of my goals. Thanks again for an excellent $39 worth!

Ben Cleaver


The only fat loss book you will ever need!

Jim Coughlin, CPT



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