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Hi Tom,

I recently purchased your ebook and couldn't put it down! I've been a personal trainer and fitness instructor for more than 8 years and I'm always looking for new and relevant ideas. I've also had a personal plateau for about 8 months and due to some injuries haven't been able to work as intensely as I would like, so I was looking for a fresh start for myself.

I have been transpired by your book. You make so much sense and really have put things in perspective. It would be great if ACE, NSCA and all the other certifying organizations would recommend your book as a required text. I'm energized by the prospects of using your program in my own quest for health and fitness.

Nora Dwyer, CSCS
Muscatine, Iowa


Hi Tom. This email is a little long, but I wanted you to know what a change you've made for me. In your book (Burn The Fat) you said you wanted to hear our success stories.

Last November I joined Curves for Women, because I knew that I had to do something about my weight and health. My lifestyle had become increasingly sedentary. At 5'5" I was more than 100 pounds overweight (260), and at 48% bodyfat - that was just too much! I knew it was time to modify my eating habits, and I decided to start by cutting out junk food: ice cream (my favorite), cookies, cakes, white bread, chips, dips, etc.

Then I found your book, purely by accident. I love it. Finally I had some good, solid direction, guidance and focus for a lifetime plan. I am working your suggestions into my daily routine, including developing the spreadsheet to keep track of calories, protein, carbs and fat. I need to do this faithfully, because I think that I tend not to eat enough calories every day.

The routine is 30 minutes at Curves, which is fine for the beginning. I feel so much better after I work out. I haven't missed a day yet. I am working in an extra day of cardio at home, with an exercise tape, and I will increase the cardio as I go along. And I have my barbells and dumbbells ready to go, for some beginning weight training.

Even before I'd finished the first few chapters of your book, I wrote down my goals (which have been revised several times as I learn more) and I started to follow your advice about meal frequency and the protein / fibrous carb / starchy carb combinations. Even though I wasn't doing it completely scientifically, there was an immediate improvement.

After about a week, my husband noticed that I wasn't coming home from work in the evening and gobbling up everything in sight. I was eating normal portions, of more healthful food. He asked me what was going on, so I told him about your e-book and eating plan. He said, well, it's working. Now, a little over a month later, it's still working. My weigh-in on Feb 10 had me down another 9 pounds! And a whole BMI point. I'm looking forward to similar results this Wednesday, since my scale at home keeps going in the "right" direction.

The most amazing thing is that I don't have cravings for the junk that I used to eat all the time. I've mentioned it to several people, mostly because I am so surprised at how well this works! And I'm not even trying to "stay away from" any of the junk with willpower. I just don't want it. To me that's the most amazing part of it all. I thought it would be a lot harder for a 54-year-old to change her eating habits. (A bag of home-made chocolate chip cookies went stale in the cupboard!) Thank you!

Kathy Pendrak


Dear Tom,

Let me congratulate you on producing the best fat loss resource I have ever come across. I find your no BS and honest approach extremely motivating. I have read many other books on weight loss and always come back to yours. It has the most concise and accurate information available today!

I have always been a skeptic of things over the net and was even hesitant about purchasing your ebook. As you say, everybody makes such outrageous claims to lose weight. Yours was the only book that tells the truth: that losing fat takes hard work. It didn't sound "too good to be true" so I knew IT HAD TO BE TRUE!

Since purchasing your ebook and putting into practice your simple but extremely effective methods, I have achieved fantastic results, having lost nearly 45 lbs, 99% being pure fat! Please look below to see some measurements I took. I still can't believe it!

October 2004
Weight: 115.5 Kg (255 lbs)
Waist: 44 Inches
Body Fat%: 32%

January 2005
Weight: 96.5 Kg (212 Lbs)
Waist: 35 Inches
Body Fat%: 19%

Your book is so valuable it could easily be ten times the price and still be an excellent value. You have saved me thousands of dollars on useless supplements.

What's more is this book can be used in any country because it's a download and you don't promote any strange supplements that can only be obtained from a "Yak's behind" in the Himalayas.

I'd be more than happy to recommend this book to anyone, especially other people here in Australia who now sadly have the same obesity problems experienced in the United States.

Thanks again,

Paul Rodriguez


Tom - I was truly blown away and impressed with your "Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle" book. I consider myself very well-read on the subjects of health and fitness, but I have never seen a book take all of the valuable information I've read from numerous other sources (plus a lot of additional new stuff) and synthesize it so well! I have begun implementing your system. You are my new fitness hero! Thank you for your great work.

Kristen Skaff



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