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Tom, what can I say - you're absolutely inspiring; your words of enthusiasm and straight to the point facts have made "Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle" the best book I have EVER read! I have learned more in your book in the last month then I have learned in 30 years in the Health and Wellness industry.

It is not everyday that one gains such in-depth knowledge AND stays captivated by the writer! I would recommend this book to anyone, and have! I think everyone willing to work your Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle Program who is willing to finally give 100% to themselves, will see nothing but outstanding results!

I think it is of the utmost importance for anyone that is wishing to change anything in their life's, read "Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle" first. It is a well thought out guide, with tons of scientific data, and massive inserts of motivational tools. This book is definitely not for the couch potato, nor is it designed for thse grasping on to a quick fix.

I want to especially commend you Tom, on an outstanding approach to the Mental Challenges of weight loss. It's HUGE, that one reads the first chapter in "Burn The Fast Feed The Muscle" on Goal Setting. After reading it, APPLY, APPLY and APPLY THAT KNOWLEDGE you have learned. Repetition is not only applied in the gym, it starts in the mental conditioning of your NEW mind set!

If you want to get lean and mentally strong why would you follow anyone's advice that has never even been in a gym, much less lived a balanced life style? Learn from the ones that walk the walk (Tom Venuto) and talk the talk (TRUTH). Be part of the 5% out there who stands apart from all the rest.

Thanks Again Tom, I will be looking forward to reading more of your work in the future! YOU ROCK!

Delana Petit
Health & Wellness Coach


Your BFFM program has helped me make tremendous strides toward my fitness goals. In January when I really got started I was 212 pounds and 31% body fat, with a resting heart rate of 80, and BP of 130/80. I am passing through 15% body fat. My goal is 220 pounds at 9% body fat, I guess you could say I am well on the way.

My BP is now 111/67 with a resting heart rate of 65. Did I mention that I am 54 years of age and really didn't think at the start that I could make such amazing changes in such a short time. You have enabled me to make real progress on my fitness and health goals and your emphasis on goals, and maintaining a positive image has helped me so much. Thank You!

Art Hostmark


I've been following the BFFM program in earnest and have lost 22 pounds of fat and gained about 8 pounds of muscle. Still have about 15 pounds of fat to go. I have read nearly everything that's available on nutrition, diet programs, and weight training, and I've found some good resources. But your book is the one I keep going back to and re-reading, and I really appreciate your commonsense, research-based approach. By now my, training partner is probably sick of me saying, "Tom says..."

Mary Weaver


Your program is great! I have lost 42lbs and 6" in my waist. I am loving the results and others are too, they all ask what my secret is and I direct them to your site so that they too can begin the amazing journey.

Tyrel Lendzion



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