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Tom, I just wanted to say thanks for putting the BFFM manual together - it is a fantastic resource! It's so nice to now have to read betwee the lines of a fitness magazine article to figure out what is true. I am now on my second reading and learning so much.

Melissa Bobb
Bethseda, MD


After only 7 weeks on Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle, (BFFM), I have gone from 198 lbs and 26% fat to 195 lbs and 22% fat. That's an increase in muscle of 6 lbs. and a loss of over 8 lbs. of body fat!

Jerry Morales
Seville, Spain


Hi Tom,

Just a quick note to thank you again for the BFFM program. There is so much useful information throughout the book that I re-read a portion every day during my cardio workouts, which helps me find new things I might try to tweak my program.

For me, in addition to the goal setting stuff, the advice that has made the biggest difference is maintaining a daily food log and weekly progress chart.

My whole adult life I have always "wished" that I had a fit & toned body and that I could get rid of my "love handles." I bought books and magazines and tried all kinds of different things over the years, and finally decided a couple of years ago that I was tired of wishing so I started a regular workout schedule in January.

I made substantial progress, but I had not been able to get rid of the abdominal fat, which was my real goal. Thanks to the clearly written and comprehensive information in the BFFM program, it has helped me to see where and why I had not made the progress I wanted. .

Using the BFFM information I have been able to set up a program that is working for me. I am now in the best shape of my life and I will achieve my goal of less than 10% body fat by the end of the year.

My abs are clearly visible and I finally have a "six-pack!"

My progress since starting the BFFM program is summarized below:

09/17 175 lbs 15% body fat
10/17 171 lbs 13% body fat
10/31 169 lbs 11.9% body fat
11/7 167 lbs 12% body fat
11/14 166 lbs11.6% body fat
11/21 163 lbs 10.4% body fat

Brad Venman
Lansing, MI


I am enjoying the Burn The Fat manual and pore over it like a precious treasure. I'm fascinated by the facts and the way you have presented them.

Your credibility comes through loud and clear. Thanks for a great manual which is genuine and factual.

Kelly Cotter



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