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Hi Tom,

Your guide to fat loss was a brilliant success for me. I consider your e-book to be the holy grail with regards health and fitness.

I shed approx 17-18 lbs of fat over a 10 week period and gained an overall 2 lbs of muscle at the same time while following your cardio programme and calorie deficit!

I was just under 12 stone 11 lbs and 21% body fat, now I am 11 stone 7 lbs and down to 11-12% body fat! (height 5' 8" ).

I now plan to use your program to build muscle based on your calorie surplus guidelines.

Thank You!

Eddie Morris
Laois County


I read your book and wanted to congratulate you. It's by far the best book about fitness and body building that I have ever read.

What I found especially useful is the objectivity of your book and your ability to put things in perspective. Reading your book, I learned that there is no such things as a good method or a bad method. All methods do have their merits, depending on one's condition. In nutrition like in training, using "advanced" techniques will not work for a beginner and conversely using "beginner" techniques will not produce any significant result for a more advanced individual.

The way you show how the various approaches rank on the "beginner to advanced" scale is very educational ! After many years of overtraining, my body was under developed and my metabolism fairly messed up. Add to the picture a lot of stress coming from the workplace, and that's the perfect (and unfortunately far too common in our societies) setup for rapid weight increase.

That's precisely what's happening and that's been frightening me a lot lately. Your book is a great inspiration. I feel I am in control now. It's really amazing how a few "key words" can change one's view of the world. I think "feedback" and "initiative" are the 2 keywords in your book. It is imperative to have enough initiative and self-awareness to understand what works and what doesn't, and make the necessary adjustements, regardless of what the current fitness "trend" dictates. Taking any noticeable change (for the better or for the worst ) into a feedback loop is also a much more constructive approach then constantly blaiming oneself for not making any progress or putting on weight.

I assume you are already receiving a lot of feedback about your book, but just wanted to say thank you very much.

Terence Choo


Hi Tom,

My name is Tracy and I've been on your Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle program for just over a week and I am so pleased with the results I am already getting . I've always been a person who tries to stay in shape and watch what I eat, but no matter how hard I tried to lose that last inch or two of fat I just couldn't do it. I've tried almost every diet and fat burning supplement and it still didn't seem to help. I was getting so frustrated. Thank god for your program because I've only been on it for just over a week and I'm already seeing results. I'm fitting into pants that I couldn't get into a week ago.

I would get so confused when it came to eating because you hear so many different things. Now that I know what type of body type I am and how to put together the proper amounts of protein, carbs, etc. it has made it so simple. And knowing what types of carbs I should be eating makes it so much easier than having to guess. I thought for sure that it would be very hard for me to change my eating habits because I do tend to have somewhat of a sweet tooth, but like you said, because you get the right amount of carbs and the proper ones, you don't feel deprived and I don't nearly crave sweets as much as I used to. I never feel like I'm missing out because I'm not starving

I also have a lot more energy and I don't get tired mid afternoon like I used to. I'm doing this more for the health factor rather than just wanting to look good. I've even found that my girls, ages 10 and 12 are eating more healthy. It's a wonderful thing to finally find something that works.

Thank you and keep up the good work.

Tracy Heptin


Dear Mr. Venuto: Everything is working according to plan, and in just the last month, I've lost a very noticable amount of bodyfat, while even putting on a little muscle. It's all working out indeed, and I can't thank you enough for your E-Book. The information in there is amazing and I can't believe that some of it hasn't been thought of before. My goal is to end up with a "Men's Health" cover model-type body. So far things are working magically, and I'm loving this plan every moment of everyday. Thanks a million!

Chad Kowalski



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