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The great thing is, this is not a one-size-fits-all "program". It's an education in nutrition, exercise, motivation, goal-setting, etc. You'll learn a ton and then YOU decide what your ratio's should be and YOU determine your calorie levels.

Tom is all about food over supplements. I like FOOD! It's very easy to follow his meal plan. Once or twice a week I cook up a bunch of chicken breasts, shrimp, brown rice, potatoes, veggies, etc. Throw it together for meals on-the-go. Easy.

I went from 26% to 16% BF and never hit a plateau (also didn't lose an ounce of muscle). I used Tom's carb cycling method for one week, just prior to having my "after" photos taken. I dropped an extra 2% body fat plus lost extra water to be cut for the pics.

RUN, don't walk, to get this book.

Denise Legault
Hoboken, NJ


Hi Tom,

I recently invested my $39 for your course. The best $39 I've ever spent and I haven't even gotten all the way thru the book yet!!! It seems with every chapter, I'm sending my friend another 'thank you' email for his telling me about you and the BFFM course.

I have already deployed my meal strategy. I recently turned 50, and for the last 3 years I was afraid that my metabolism had come to a grinding halt and NOTHING would get it fired up again. I couldn't believe that it seemed literally OVERNITE, I was starting to shed lbs and fat --as I continued w/ my exercise program--and when I REALLY took your meal strategy seriously...thanks to you and your explanation of why it works.

I thank you for what I have accomplished thus far, and what I am now well on my way to realizing.

I will send pictures to you soon so you believe me.



David Putnam


I bought your book about 5 weeks ago, and immediately implemented your suggestions and started counting everything. I immediately saw fat loss. It's finally has started for me!

1st month stats:

4.6 % body fat loss,
5.96 total inches lost.

I am so grateful you wrote your book.

Thank you, thank you, thank you.

(One grateful customer and forever reader of Tom Venuto).

Anne Marie McCusker
Colorado Springs, CO


I read your manual from the very first page to the very last page, and some of it I have read quite a number of times. I also have tabs in the sections that I need to refer to quite regularly. The manual is so full of useful, practical information for women my age who want to regain and retain a youthful look (I'm 44) by eating right and exercising regularly.

I've already lost 6 lbs. and gained lean muscle as well. I am so excited about this, I want to explode! I'm finding the meal plans quite easy to follow. I am following the Phase II and Phase III eating plans, not because I'm not planning on entering any competitions, but I want to be very lean and in good shape....just for me!!

Thank you, Tom! You have not only helped me with my diet and exercise regimen, but you have also given me the knowledge to understand the "why" behind your advice. You are and continue to be one of my sources of inspiration and motivation. And, I WILL continue to keep going....not just for now but for life.

Sally Sapsford



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