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One Woman Used to Lose 20 lbs
After Near Fatal Accident

Victoria CelebratingVicky had always been a fit and semi-athletic individual who enjoyed weight training and spending time outside - until one day in 2005 when all of that changed. A motorcycle accident left her with a host of injuries, leaving her with leg muscles that pretty much atrophied from lack of use.

In the seven years following her accident, she underwent surgery and physical therapy. She also had liver problems and a lot of pain and heartache. But that wasn’t the worst part of Vicky’s story.

“I completely lost who I was,” she explains. “I wasn’t used to having to work so hard to change what had happened to me. I got depressed, and I ate. I had a lack of energy, lack of desire and loss of myself.

I didn’t care anymore because it was so hard. From 2005 - 2012, I went from a fit weight of 150 lbs to pushing 200 lbs. I became sedentary and complacent in my life.”

The Desire for a Change

When she decided to make a change, Vicky remembered that she had purchased Tom Venuto’s book, Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle six years earlier, but it had been sitting on her computer (she had never read it), along with all the emails, challenge invitations and weekly updates from Burn the Fat.

After finally reading the book and researching Tom’s weight loss program she joined the Burn the Fat Inner Circle where she read so many inspiring and amazing stories from other individuals on their own body transformation quests that she became more motivated than ever.

She discovered that there were thousands of people using the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program, and they were achieving remarkable fat loss success - including people just like her who had their own trials and hardships.

When she realized she was not alone, she read Tom Venuto’s book and began incorporating his philosophy and eating regimen into her lifestyle. Then she took one further step and joined one of the Burn the Fat weight loss challenges.

Setting Clear Goals

In order to compete successfully, Vicky knew she needed to do one simple thing that could start her on her journey to lose weight and get back in shape: set clear goals.

Generally speaking, a goal is a measurable end result that is expected to be achieved within a fixed timeframe. Vicky did a phenomenal job of articulating her goals for her body transformation to improve both her health and her well-being. With clear goals on paper for her to review each day of the BFFM challenge, it was much easier for her to work toward meeting those goals.

Daily Goals

  • I will exercise in some way, whether it be walking my dogs, cardio or weightlifting
  • I will tell those negative thoughts that oftentimes fill my head that 'I can do this, it may be hard but I can"
  • I will work hard to eat clean and make my caloric intake and not beat myself up if I go over or under but adjust to make it right
  • I will strive toward drinking at least a gallon of water a day and making sure that I take my thyroid medication daily; and I will make sure I get enough hours of sleep a night to help me with my next day

Weekly Goals

  • I am losing at least 1 pound of body fat every week
  • My scale is moving steadily down each week, and when it is not, I am adjusting my life and food to help it along
  • Remember to take one day off of exercise a week to help my body recover

Monthly Goals

  • I am losing at least 5-6 pounds of body fat every week
  • My lean body muscle is increasing and my muscles are becoming more defined
  • My arms and shoulders look muscular in tank tops and my legs are getting less "squishy" in my shorts
  • I am happy with my progress and am staying positive with my motivation

End of BFFM Challenge Goals

  • I am incredibly grateful to have lost 20 lbs and to be between 20%-18% body fat
  • I can see my muscle definition in my arms, quads and my calves, and I am no longer ashamed of how I look in my clothes. I no longer have to suck in my stomach for it to "look" slimmer
  • I will remember how challenging this is, and I will never let myself get this way again

Victoria Before & After

End Results

Vicky concludes by saying, “I have lost more than 20 lbs and have begun building muscle again. I have met some inspiring people on the Burn the Fat Inner Circle forums that helped keep me on track and accountable during this ‘lifestyle change’.

I have started seeing that fit and happy individual I had not seen for quite some time. My mentality and thought processes are changing.”

“I no longer compare myself with who I was before, but who I will be someday. I am replacing ‘I can’t’ with ‘it may take a while, but I will’. This is the end of this competition, and I have done amazing things to not only my body but to my mind and heart.

I have a new lifestyle and a new way of thinking of healthy.
I may not be at my ultimate goal today, but I will be at my ultimate goal someday.”

Setting clear goals can help anyone get off to a solid start on their fat loss journey. What are your personal goals that can help fuel your body transformation? Why wait? Start jotting them down today.

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