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3 Simple Steps That Helped A Middle Aged Woman
Go From a Size 10 to a Size 2 In Just 14 Weeks

Top 10 Challenge Winner Loraine McTaggartLoraine McTaggart struggled with her weight for years. She was a permanent fixture at the buffet tables, hiding behind plates of food to avoid conversation with people.

After a “nasty and drawn out divorce” [her words], she became the sole supporter of her two sons. She literally found herself working both day and night, and that didn’t leave her much time for herself, let alone time for an organized fitness program.

After topping the scales at 209 pounds, she decided it was time to take action.

She joined a gym and saw some results, but she still struggled with her weight.

“No more excuses,” she finally said. She needed a more solid plan.

Her Solid Plan: Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle

That plan turned out to be Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle program. She read his book and now calls it her “bible.”

Many self-help books start out with the same first step: setting goals. Tom’s BFFM book is no different. Loraine admits, “I usually skip that part and head to the good stuff, but, I did as I was told for once.

And boy I’m glad I did. The setting of attainable goals was such a huge part of my success. That’s the part I had been missing [in the past]. I always looked at the big picture. A picture I never really got to see until now.”

Loraine’s Body Transformation

Loraine’s body transformation did not happen without a lot of hard work. “There were days I really had to push myself,” she confesses. So exactly how did her amazing body transformation take place? Just 3 simple steps:

  1. Set Goals: Not only did she set daily, weekly and long-term goals, she visualized her goals. She made people aware of her new lifestyle commitment and her entry into the Burn the Fat body transformation contest.

    In doing so, she became accountable not only to herself, but to every single person she told. It becomes much harder to stop what you start when so many people are asking how you’re doing and watching your progress.
  2. Invest in Hard Work: Loraine transformed her body by committing herself to the gym six days a week, using a four day schedule. She did multi-muscle exercises that gave her the most burn and used lots of energy. She included squats, lunges, pull ups, bench press, dips, and push-ups. Weight lifting was also a big part of her workout, as well as 20 minutes of HIIT six days a week. She followed the 40/40/20 macronutrient ratio split.

    In addition to her work-out routine, Loraine learned how to carb taper and how to utilize high and low carb days so her metabolism didn’t adjust to the lower calories. “Prior to this amazing program, I let food control me. Now I control it and use it for fuel,” Loraine says proudly.
  3. Establish a Support System: Loraine utilized the support of the Burn the Fat Inner Circle to give her the added boost she needed, particularly on tough days. The Inner Circle is Tom’s members only online forum where people encourage each other to hang in there and not give up. This powerful worldwide community of supporters has helped countless individuals meet their body transformation goals.
Amazing Transformation

In just 14 weeks during the Burn the Fat Summer Challenge, Loraine lost 41 pounds.

Her body fat went from 33.2% to 22.7%. Not bad for a 51-year-old woman.

“I never really understood why women got off on clothes shopping, until I went from a size 10 to a size 2.

I have gone from buying clothes that hide my body to clothes that reveal my amazing curves and muscles.

Who would have ever thought at 51 years old that I would be posing on the internet in a bikini!”

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