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Wife Guilts Husband Into Joining Challenge
He Loses 24lbs and Doubles His Energy in Just 10 Weeks

John Before & After

John’s wife told him about Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle body transformation contest a long while ago, but she started dropping hints about it again. She was also buying healthy foods and cleaning the basement exercise area.

John got the sense that something was going on. And, knowing his wife, Diane, he knew if he wasn’t careful, he would get dragged into it.

Then, when Diane said, “You don’t have to do it with me, if you don’t want to;” John knew that whether he was prepared or not, he was going to be ‘all-in.’

The Truth Hurts

He took a REAL close look at himself in the mirror the following morning and said “I was horrified. Oh God! I have boobs. Even worse, there were lines under them – creases! How embarrassing.” At which point, an argument unfolded in his head, which sounded something like this:

Man-child: I can handle this. I lost all that weight that other time. I’ll just eat less. Self-control, that’s it, self-control.

Real-man: She wants me to do it with her.

Man-child: I’m too old. Young kids can lose weight much faster. It’s not fair.

Real-man: Look at yourself. He grabbed a handful of fat on both sides of his waist.

Man-child: And when would I have time? I work 70 hours a week and only get home on the weekends.

Real-man: I work so hard for her; what wouldn’t I do for her?

Man-child: I’m nearly 50 years old. Who cares if I’m a little soft? Who am I trying to impress anyhow? Plus, Hawaii [referring to the first place prize trip to Hawaii for winning the BFFM challenge]; 15 hours on a plane and good God, I’d have to wear a shirt on the beach.

Real-man: How often does a man get a chance to take his wife to Hawaii?

Man-child: I don’t need no stupid contest. I can just...

Real-man: This is important to her.

The argument he had with himself only took a few seconds and he realized that if he would work 70 hours a week [to support] Diane, if he would live and even die for her, then certainly he could lose some weight for her.

Five Minus Two Equals Zero

Years ago, John read Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle eBook, so he already knew what to do: eat the right foods in the right amounts and exercise. No problem.

For the first three weeks of the contest, John ate healthy foods and half-starved himself, but still his weight barely changed. The dialogue in his head continued, “Well, she can’t say I’m not trying.”

Then one day he did the unthinkable. He walked into the living room with a full stack of steaming hot pancakes smothered in butter telling his wife, “Tom’s program allows wiggle room for cheat meals.” "Ahh," she said, "but he also says 'five minus two equals zero.'"

John recalls, "That was exactly the right thing to say at exactly the right time. I’d been eating good foods all week and sabotaging myself on the weekends." Five good days, minus two bad days, equals zero results!

Two weeks later, after eating the right foods all week - including weekends - John’s numbers began to change. But he wanted to do even better with his weight loss, so he stepped up his program by adding more exercise. He added running; but by the end of his first week, his knees were killing him, and he was literally limping. He concluded that he needed a low impact form of exercise – “I’ll try roller skating!” he said.

A Good Idea at the Time

Skating seemed like a good idea at the time, but John took a pretty bad spill at the skate park. He hit his head and ended up with a concussion triggering the man-child argument in his head once again:

Man-child: If I played my cards right she would let me off the hook. Oh sure, she would be disappointed, but she wouldn’t say anything.

Real-man: No, I’d made a commitment to do this thing. I’d told my wife. I’d told everyone on the Burn the Fat Inner CIrcle website. And I’d told myself that I would see this thing through.

Despite his injury, during the next four weeks, John became more motivated than ever. He ate right, exercised plenty and was fully committed to the BFFM program. Finally, the pounds came off. All the effort John put into his fat loss program at the beginning of the challenge was finally beginning to pay off.

Expected and Unexpected Results

During the 14 weeks he committed to the Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle challenge, John lost 24 pounds and 6.6% body fat. “Some results I fully expected and some I did not."

"I now have double the energy I did just 10 weeks ago and double the wardrobe I had four weeks ago - skinny jeans weren’t the only things hiding in the closet. My wife is very happy with our results; which makes me even happier.”

“Thanks, Tom for sharing years of experience, knowledge and wisdom. Because of you, we don’t have to become professional body builders or fitness gurus to enjoy many of the same benefits.”

“My most heartfelt thanks go out to the BFFM staff, InnerCircle members, and other contestants for these unexpected results."

"Our relationship as a couple and as friends has improved through this process."

"And that one, I didn’t see coming!”

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