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Follow These 5 Great Tips That Paul Used
To Shed 8 inches Off His Waist and Lose 34 lbs

Paul Before & After Losing 34 lobsPaul took part in one Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle weight loss challenge and saw moderate results. However, that wasn’t good enough for him. So for the next Burn the Fat challenge, Paul focused on five elements Tom talks about in his book and got amazing results.

  1. Accountability
    Paul discovered what Tom Venuto explains in his free PDF download, The Fifth Element - accountability. It was a eureka moment. So, Paul decided to join a team through Tom’s membership site - the Burn The Fat Inner Circle - and get inspired by others who were joining the challenge.

    Once there, he also found he was able to return the favor and inspire others. “Many people in these forums have a vast amount of knowledge and if we’re just willing to share a little detail [about ourselves or our own struggles], they [other members] will point us on the right path.” Just knowing he was now accountable to himself and his team members gave him that extra push he needed to endure his fat loss journey.
  2. Nutrition
    Paul followed a 3:1 carb cycle. He calculated his caloric deficit and set it at 30%. He monitored his inputs religiously in terms of calories, ate lots of protein, a moderate amount of carbs and consumed fats from fish, nuts and drops of olive oil.

    Paul worked mainly from a list of top 20 foods. As a result, his diet was very repetitive, but he didn’t mind. “If I had tried some of the recipes posted on the BFFM website and been more adventurous, I know I would have become confused. And in my case, confusion leads to uncertainty and then procrastination.”

    Since Paul knew he could disappoint himself and/or his teammates if he traveled down that path, he opted to stay repetitive with his nutrition and stay on course and drank only water throughout the challenge. He didn’t quite achieve his goal of eight pints of water per day on many occasions; but that was okay for him.
  3. Exercise
    During his first challenge, Paul didn’t visit the gym due to an injured back. Feeling better this time around and determined to lose his belly fat, he hit the gym following Tom’s TNB workout and did plenty of cardio, and resistance work. “I had decided to make the gym-work a priority in my life, no more interference.

    The only way to achieve this was to join a gym which opened at six in the morning and make sure I got there four days a week. I managed to do this virtually for the next 11 weeks.”

    Paul discovered something at the gym that he never knew about himself—he actually had fun there! “This mode of exercise had never interested me in the past. What time I have wasted! If you do your gym work consistently and at the right intensity, you see results very quickly, and so it becomes addictive. You find yourself taking ‘sneak peaks’ and flexing in those mirrors when nobody is watching.”

    Paul was also amazed at how the weight training complimented his cardio. “I had only ever done lots of cardio before and hadn’t realized how poor my physique and core were. Now I am stronger and fitter than in any time of my life. I look back on the years I spent making excuses and bad decisions and all the lethargy it caused. My quality of life has improved immensely.”
  4. Stability
    Paul explains, “I have been a serial yo-yo’er for many years, either too fat or skinny fat. With Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle, I have managed to learn new methods [to burn fat] which have given me stability. This stability has allowed me to transform my own destructive habits into good habits, which form a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

    I feel that the foundations have been laid now for me to carry on attaining whichever goal I choose to set myself. I have learned to be more patient and to trust in the BFFM philosophy.”
  5. Goal Setting
    Paul’s immediate future includes hunkering down and to get that “sixpack.” He admits, “I have not as yet, but will organize myself to continue [with the BFFM program] and remain accountable over the coming weeks until I reach my goal of a ‘sixpack’ and single figure body fat percentage.”

    Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle works! It is only our minds that corrupt us. The mental part of the challenge is by far the most difficult. If we are working hard, we are programmed to expect results, but if those scales, accu-measure, or whatever monitoring device we use, don’t tell us what we want to hear, then we have to show courage and make small changes.”

In summary, what finally helped Paul with his belly fat loss?

  • Accountability, specifically joining a challenge team
  • Nutrition, including measuring calories, protein intake and drinking plenty of water
  • Exercise, mostly combining both cardio and gym work (weight training)
  • Stability, which allows for a solid foundation of “good” habits
  • Goal setting, so there is a clear attainable “end”

Paul concludes by saying, “I am so happy to have found Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle.” And his results prove it!

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