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Shred Your Love Handles With Burn the FatPeople who set their minds to something usually accomplish what they set out to do, but that doesn’t mean it comes easily. In fact, long-term goals such as losing fat or hard to get rid of love handles typically require a lot of work and patience.

But good things do come to those who wait.

Focusing on two simple words can help you lose your body fat. Try saying, “I will” for a change, instead of “I can’t” and see what you can achieve in terms of your own fat loss. Look what Christine accomplished in just 98 days.

Christine was like many other yo-yo dieters. She battled with her weight for years, dieting and then falling off the wagon and binge eating to make herself feel better, especially with her stressful job.

She knew she was unhappy and that was contributing to her weight gain, so she did something about it.

She resigned from her job, moved back home with her family and tried to find some peace in her life. She started going to the gym with her sister to help with her belly fat loss and found Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat challenge, a biannual body transformation and fat loss competition, so she signed up.

Okay, so it takes more than just saying “I will” to lose weight. Christine focused on three key areas for her body transformation.

  1. Nutrition

    It took Christine a while to get her nutrition right. She started out on 1300 – 1500 calories per day and cycled throughout the week. As she got fitter and her metabolism started to burn, she noticed that she was getting ravenously hungry, so she increased her calories to 1650 – 1800 a day. Immediately she switched from just losing fat to losing fat and gaining muscle.

    Getting enough protein in her diet was difficult because she’s allergic to seafood and found it hard to snack on meat. Protein shakes helped her fill this gap, so she could consume enough protein for her workouts. “I am thankful for having my mum around to help with meals. It meant that every night I did get a healthy dinner with a good source of protein.”

    Christine admits that she still has days where she eats bad things. But now she has a naughty meal or a dessert instead of having an entire bad day. “I am aware that sweets are my down fall,” she confesses. However, now with the help of Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat program, she can recognize this pattern and catch it early before it runs away with her.
  2. Training

    Initially, Christine’s training consisted of cardio classes at the local gym. She decided to start off the challenge hard with cardio to help drop the pounds faster. “I was doing 2-3 spin classes a week, a netball game and usually a run for a steady state cardio session and would squeeze in maybe one weight session a week as part of a personal training session.”

    Throughout the challenge, she swapped some of her cardio sessions for weights. Once she had a good repertoire of exercises, she created a full body workout that would work all her muscle groups. “My training was fairly consistent at 5-6 sessions per week every week up until the last two weeks of the challenge and that was due to work hours wreaking havoc on me.

    I also think my body felt like it needed to take it a bit easy and recharge, so I can go on after this challenge with my training.”
  3. Support
    When Christine first read about Tom’s Burn the Fat program she noticed that he kept talking about how important support was, but she really didn’t believe him. “I kept thinking how wanky that sounded and how if you want something you should just do it yourself (coming from an independent woman who has lived on her own for 6 years now)."

    "But I have completely changed my mind about this during the challenge.”

    Christine firmly believes that Tom’s emphasis on support is truly what allowed her to stay with the challenge and complete it. “If it wasn’t for joining a team and making friends with all the girls from the LOVELY LEAN LADIES, then there is no way I would have completed this challenge with my achievements that I have made.”

    “There are days when you are exhausted, life has kicked you in the teeth and all you want to do is roll over with a block of chocolate and feel sorry for yourself. Then there are the days when you lack a bit of motivation to get going or to focus on your goals. And there are times when you just need to be accountable for your behaviors both good and bad."

    "These girls were there for me when I felt like giving up, when I was confused about things, when I needed to share some achievements, when I needed motivating and when I lost my focus.”

Christine’s Results

When working toward a goal, it’s always important to see some progress. Those little pockets of success typically give people an added boost, so they can keep striving for what they want to achieve.

Despite slow progress during the last three weeks of the Burn the Fat challenge due to the flu and work responsibilities, Christine feels that she accomplished some great things, including shrinkage of her “most hated” love handles:

  • she lost 7cm off her waist and 6.5cm off her love handles, so her belly is now flatter
  • she achieved a body fat loss of 9.2%, that’s 6.8kgs or 14.9lbs of fat gone for good
  • she gained 4.8kgs or 10.5lbs of muscles
  • she can run 10kms, chest press 20kgs, and leg press 100kgs
  • she went from a size 14 to a size 8 – 10
  • she doesn’t get indigestion and reflux anymore from weight around her midsection
  • she can an sprint at 14km/hr for 60 seconds comfortably for about 15 sets
  • she can recognize when she’s going wrong with her nutrition and stop the viscous cycle early

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